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Zinnyfrank…Reveals The Secret Behind Hair Importation

For an entrepreneur who intends to go into 100 per cent human hair business like Weavon, Wig, Hair Attachments, Hair Accessories or cosmetics, Zinnyfrank Investment is the place to be.
In this interview, the CEO of
Zinnyfrank, Frank Obi of Imo State extraction, Ikeduru precisely revealed the secrets behind importation of Wigs and Hair Attachments.

I’m Oluwadamilare Daniels from Creekvibes magazine can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Zinnyfrank, I’m based here in Tradefair International Market. I’m into Weavon, wigs and hair attachments. I deal in whole sales, I do in pieces sometimes for close customers, but I sell more to wholesalers so that they can sell to retailers and make their gains as well.

Could you please let us know your extraction?
Am from Imo State, in Nigeria, Ikeduru, precisely.

Concerning Brazilian hair that are 100 per cent human hair, how did the manufacturing companies come about it?
Those hair that are 100 per cent human hair have different types of quality from different companies. There are three different types of Brazilian hair: (a) Pure Gold, which lasts very well, (b) Double Drawn, Super double Drawn, (c) Single Drawn, this is the cheapest. These are very good products which last longer but Super double Drawn is the best.
We also have Jerry curls, Deep curls, Kinky curls; all these are under water-waves.

Cuts in…Sorry to cut in what do you mean by Water-waves?
Water-waves are 100 per cent human hair/weavon you can use water to wet in order to bring out the sparkling beauty of the hair. There are also some creams we use with water to bring out sparks from the hair. The hair Zinnyfrank sells does not tangle, it does not pull off, it can only shade even our natural hair shades too.

When it shades what do you do to make it come back?
No, Shading is nothing, it is only when it pulls. Because hair pulling is not a good thing, if the hair products I supply pulls or tangles, I normally return it back to the company and ensure I satisfy my customer with a replacement. I’ve such agreement with all the hair manufacturing companies I patronise. Besides, my products are on warranty, warranty from customers to customers. Meaning from my suppliers and to the people I supply to.

Who are your suppliers?
I patronize Annabery; it’s from China, I trust them a lot. Their hair doesn’t pull, it doesn’t tangle; their closure and fronter is perfect. Their products is one of the best. DFG also has very good quality hair, it’s also in China. Then Queenslad. This is another fantastic quality hair manufacturer. Again one of my best companies in China is Fairlady. Their products are too good to ignore; their hair does not disappoint. These companies deal with Double Drawn and Super double drawns.
Master Plus is also another good hair producing company; their product is very, very good.

How do you come about all these findings?
Initially we go to India to buy hair, but these days, we don’t go to India regularly. Indian hair is not bad too, but the Indians are not good in business. Concerning hair production and sales, the Chinese are good in hair business.
The Chinese man will go the extra mile to make sure you as a customer is satisfied; they will make you happy; their customer care is perfect. They will always ask you to return any hair that is pulling and they will swiftly and gladly change it for you.

Your kind of agreement with these companies, do you patronise them as an individual or as a group?
We have a group and I’m a registered member; you must be a member before you can make order for products from those companies.

You mean there is a body, what is the name?
Hair Attachment Women Association of Nigeria (HAWAN); you must be a member to benefit some privileges.

So, does it mean if you are not in that group, you cannot buy?
You can buy but without benefits.

If, for instance a businessman went to China and opens up a business talk with Annabery, will they not give him audience?

They will give you audience but, you will pay exorbitantly.
When I started newly I went to China to see things for myself then I was trying to do my brand.
If you go to China behind our back, (HAWAN), it may not work except you have good money, you could get a very good hair in China let’s say N100,000 for instance but, the Chinese will come here and sell for N70,000 subsidised rate for HAWAN members; then you that bought your own in China including all travelling/accommodation expenses, the question is how do you sell?
The same quality of hair is what we will buy N70,000 so you may end up having bad market.

When you went to China, did you see the Chinese making use of these hair they produce or they only produce for Africans to use?
They make use of it, they wear wigs a lot. They produce in large quantity for the World. Sometimes they get specifications for some regions, but a company like Annaberry can never produce below standard. That is why they remain one of the best hair producing companies in the world, they never disappoint, I doff my hat for Annaberry.

How long have you been in this business?
A couple of years.

When you went to China was it for hair importation?
No, I went for a different mission, but I also peeped into China hair making industry.

What can you tell women concerning wig wearing?
To my customers as well, if you want your hair to last, buy good hair, it will last as much as you want it. One of my cheapest wigs here is N35,000 ($97), I don’t deal in local hair that does tangles, I deal in original hair. That is why people don’t rush in here like they rush to those that sells for N10,000 or there about. For those that knows quality, they patronise me because I’m known for quality products in this business.
Wig is better because when you fix, or make direct hair, in the night when you want to sleep, you will wear net. In the morning, you will need to brush your hair in front of mirror. In that process the hair might start pulling off. But when you put it on cap, which is wig, it’s a matter of pulling off the cap put it on the rack and have a sweet night sleep and when morning comes, all you need do is wear it again and off you go for your daily activities. For this reasons, I normally advice my customers to buy the wig instead of the weavon attachment.
Thanks for your time I really appreciate…it is quite educative, see you some other time.

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