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The Real Truth About Women Who Wear Trousers

BY ISAAC ORIEKA, Mobile: 08027523483

Even as many house wives also wear trousers of better quality showcasing their feminine figure with pride. This is a text book testament of the strength of women globally.
Also, wearing of skirts by men is dominant in so many societies known to us. For example, in Scotland, skirts are worn by men. In the South-East of Nigeria most of their kings wear long skirts for the reasons best known to them and their tradition. In countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, traditionally, women wear trousers as a mode of dressing which is not frowned at, as a result this trend has been embraced as part of their cultural dress code.
There are Chief Justices, Chief Judges, and Supreme Court Justices who are feminine in their appearance in Nigeria. While these extremely feminine women are respected as they serve guests as the Nigerian culture demands which is nothing haughty about them. Their husbands who are the head of the household get exemplary respect and love as the breadwinner in the family. In some African countries, some women ministers also exude African feminity.
In the South-South part of Nigeria, women have never been discriminated, the primary schools, elementary schools have a mixture of many girls and women soundly thrashed with academic excellence. The girls are employed in the civil service, the armed forces and have progressed to various posts without discrimination. Banking is another profession where women have done well deservedly and excellently.
Essentially, home training teaching courtesy, tolerance and a deep sense of knowing yourself and how to serve others, have produced generations of doctors, footballers and athletes, dentists, lawyers, nurses, engineers, pilots, musicians, accountants, credible administrators, most of whom are women and men in our society. But today, the girls and women we encounter currently engage in irresponsible habits, they lack respect, drink alcohol excessively, smoke all kinds of cigarettes and do drugs, clubbing, strip naked at night clubs, partying, abusive, even more than the men and they also indulge in some other dangerous immoral vices all in the name of enjoyment.
They rarely wash their husbands clothes, cook for them including their children, while most of them now take advice from their Pastors and General Overseers (GOs), to run their marital homes disregarding their husbands for unjustifiable reasons. They are visible at the churches almost every day attending church programmes but learning nothing to progressively guide their families and the society for a balance. The women now wear skimpy spaghetti skirts, tight fitting shorts, bum shorts, exposing their breasts and bum-bum without pants or belt to hold their trousers while openly exposing their disgusting bodies with stretch marks to the public view. So much that when they board a bus or Okada, they are always seen to be adjusting their tops and trousers, jeans to cover their naked buttock which is now a fad for them.
Most girls and women do not know how to tie wrapper on their blouses because they did not learn from their mothers practice. The term “Boomering Generation” describes young adults who leave home and try to live on their own but fall back on hard times and return to mum and dad. Because they can no longer cope with such harsh conditions just like the prodigal son.
Men are their enemies and they are at war with nature, meaning that the men should be put down or disgraced at every conceivable opportunity. This attitude is extended to their husbands who have been reduced to mushrooms and quivering jellies, in their various homes, markets and employment environment including social functions. Our culture in Nigeria is one, which has differentiated the roles of both sexes. The roles exist between young and old, therefore, respect and appreciation flow from these roles. Sometimes militant over-bearing women demand respect, deference and recognition just because they are women and amazons.
Example, most world women leaders do not possess the characteristics of their Nigerian counterpart. They are decidedly feminine and humble. There is a bond between mother and child through breast feeding, which no man can have possibly. Women who work complain that their husbands should share household and housekeeping chores. Though, in Africa and Nigeria, both men and women share roles but their functions are different. Women are becoming radical in Nigeria, like their counterparts in Europe and U.S which has led to producing single mothers with a mentality of causing considerable social feeling of illness, discomfort and uneasiness.
They are more protective mentally and have innate aggression when their hearts is threatened may be that is why they are good for politics and power. Their common argument is that they are better boardrooms business administrators, politicians, ministers of finance, petroleum, aviation, communication, education and female permanent secretaries. The difference between men and women in all these professions is little. But they claim a greater manifestation of acquisitive powers and shameless exhibition of ego.
A man should not bow to a woman under duress and threats whatever any condition a man finds himself. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, one woman marries many men at the same time that is many men share one woman. That is what some Nigerian women want since this is what they practice when they are young going to school especially, while in the University where they do “RUNS”. Nigerian women now engage in lesbianism expressed as distaste for men. In fact, there is a growing incidence of lesbianism based on freedom of choice and fundamental human rights. For the women, there are homosexuals and lesbians naturally which is not new to the society we live in.
Many first ladies in Nigeria have tended to dominate their husbands commissioners, ministers and even office holders and legislators and even respectable men of God. Of course, there are a lot of hopeless men who have held power in the past and presently in Nigeria. Therefore, such people should be rightly condemned, abused for their actions and activities. Including useless and hopeless women who have failed in their primary duty as mothers to enforce positive moral values in their children for Nigeria to be recognized as one of the leading African countries with emphasis for humility, respect and culture.
TWALE!!! to Nigerian women and men, you are great.