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DEENIKISBEAUTY: I can’t make up a dead person

…Implores government to organize makeup training and give out kits to empower Training-able youths

By Oludaniels

Headgear specialist and a makeup artist, Miss Adenike Adeoye, who’s from Kogi state but grew up in Kaduna State, graduated from Kwara State Polytechnic in 2003. She has successfully built a niche for herself in the vocational world of headgear and makeup despite being a graduate.
Adenike, who read Business Administration ironically did not set out to be a makeup artist/headgear specialist; she stumbled upon it by chance and she has not looked back ever since.
The unique thing about her outfit is that she had produced quite a number of brilliant makeup artists who can walk shoulder-high within the community. Hear her story on how she got into the business of makeover.
“As a student back then in Kwara, I discovered that when people want to tie headgear for the occasion they often contact me. It got to a stage when my aunt who is a makeup artist told me to establish myself in the headgear making business and she expressed her readiness to take me through the rudiments in the world of makeup.
“When I graduated, the jobs were not forthcoming. So I decided to turn my attention to the headgear and make up business and that was the berth of DeenikkisBeauty and as it became more engaging, I became more serious and decided to stick to it and I have not regretted that decision,” says Adenike.
For Adenike, the journey has not been rosy at all in the business of headgear styling. She recounts her challenges in her quest at carving a niche for herself.
She recalls with nostalgia one of the challenges she has encountered; when a particular client got upset with her for wrong makeup and the angry client tongue lashed her but all she do was to offer her apologies.
“I was working on a customer’s makeup for an event and at the end of it all, I guess she was not pleased with my makeup at the moment.
The customer’s tongue-lashed me and that alone is enough for the feeble-minded to give up. But that’s not me.
“I went to work again and when I gave the customer what she wanted, she was apologetic and praised me for giving her what she wanted, “Adenike revealed.
The beautician said, that she is not concerned with lack of government input into the industry (makeup) like it is being done for students of Technical Colleges while she also wants the government to come up with training modules for youths over the business to reduce crime and vice.
“I am not disturbed that government at all levels is yet to recognise our kind of business in the society as they do with those in technical colleges.
“I implore our government at all levels to help sustain this industry as it would provide employment opportunities and also help to reduce crime and vices.
She said that it is high time people in this profession form an association to have a sense of belonging and also, cater to the interests of members.
“I think it would be good if people in the same line of business like I do form an association to protect our interests and also speak with one voice.”
When asked by yours truly, if she has ever done a make-up for a dead person or if she can do it, if called upon?
She responded by saying: “No. I’ve not and I can’t… I will be nervous.” She said.
Adenike is a fan of Tope Alabi and she relaxes with good sleep after a hectic day job, she has no best dish, “I eat good food.” She concluded.