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#EndSARS: Nollywood Star, Paul Obazele leads protest, calls for a new Nigeria

Nollywood star, Paul Obazele is not pleased with the state of the nation at the moment and is therefore leading a protest calling for change and for a new Nigeria. He is amazed that while people are demanding for change those they elected to serve them are keeping quiet in the comfort of their cozy homes while the youths are crying for justice.
“We have774 local government areas in the country and from each local government we have two constituencies called, constituency 1 and 2.  My question is where are the honourables are elected into the federal houses of representatives. 

We have 36 states in this country, and in each state we have three senatorial districts.  Where are the senators in this country?
“Do you not care that your citizens are killed every day. Do you not care that your citizens have been shouting, do you not care that they live in abject poverty and penury. Do you not care that things are not adding up for them.  You sit down in the luxuries of your home. These people voted you in.  Gentlemen I call on all of you to rise up at this moment. There is need to save this nation; there is need for you to get up and save those that elected you to this position,” he warned.
While leading a protest in Lagos, made up of other Nollywood stars and angry youths, Paul said, “Again I ask a question, if a revolution starts today where are those we elected to rule going to run to.  The places they are going to run to, are there not angry Nigerians in there.   Today we say EndSARS; they must come out and talk to the people. That is why I say ‘a New Nigeria,’ we must save this nation,” he declared.
“The time has come for us to deliver this nation to save the youths out of every bondage. He called for prayers from all and sundry that God may hear and deliver Nigeria from the bondage of the past.”