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Monalisa Stephen: Sex Toy is ok, But Still Prefers The Touches of a Man

By Oluwadamilare Daniels
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Monalisa, naturally endowed both front and back Nigeria’s Skit maker, Plus-size model, fashion designer and a content provider needs no introduction to some, she uses her plus size nature to her advantage, her skimpy and sexily dressed pictures which saturated Instagram and FB pages including videos of her flaunting her big burst and shaking her bum was what paved way for her to be relevant.

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During skits, she flaunts her size and shape confident and comfortable depicting how happy she is to have inherited such a plump size.
In a nutshell, she’s an advocate for plus size women, she is always of the opinion that big bold and beautiful women should embrace their body types. She has been body-shamed many times but doggedly held her ground and thrives even better in the face of controversies.
She is currently not in a serious relationship but when sexual desire arises her sex toys came in handy to satisfy her urge.
She actually confessed in an online platform that; ‘sometimes I have feelings for the touch of a real man, I am not a sex addict after all. And well, yes, I still prefer a real man to a toy,” she asserted.
According to The Punch: The model also maintained that: “I am not against marriage but I don’t want to be married or have my own children. I would rather adopt children. I am not the ‘marriage’ type. I don’t think marriage is the main purpose why we are on earth. I don’t also like the Nigerian mentality where people think that at a certain age, one has to be married. Marriage is not a do-or-die affair. That is why people are getting into wrong relationships.

follow: twitter:@creek65969703, Instagram: @creekvibes, fb:

There are people that live together as partners and they are even doing better than legally married ones. There is a man in my life but it is not a relationship that will lead to marriage. We advise each other and I love it that way.”