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Smart up with Canvas or Sneakers

By Oluwadamilare Daniels

It is often said that, ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed,’ no matter how expensive your dress is without a complimentary shoes you are still not well dressed in so many quarters, according to my fashionister Canvas and Sneakers do no longer have borders on English wear alone, they now cut across boundaries of native attires; genders, but we implore you to read on to know the differences between the duo.

The main difference between canvas shoes and sneakers is that canvas shoes have a canvas top while sneakers have a top made of cloth or a synthetic substitute, canvas shoes are a very basic form of sneakers.

The canvas material gives these shoes some unique properties, which make them different from sneakers. However, both these types of shoes are casual shoes worn by men and women. They are soft, lightweight and comfortable.

What are Sneakers

Sneakers are a type of soft, light and comfortable shoes suitable for sports or other physical exercises. Since these are used for physical exercise, they are also known in a wide variety of names, including trainers, running shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, gym shoes, and sports shoes. Sneakers are also worn as everyday casual wear.

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What are Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are light shoes with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. As their name suggests, they are made of canvas – a coarse cloth material made of hemp. Canvas shoes are a very basic form of sneakers. They are available in any many shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. Moreover, they are multi-purpose shoes that can be matched with a wide variety of outfits. Canvas shoes are lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and easy to clean.