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Segun Oni
Segun Oni

The former governor of Ekiti State, Chief Segun Oni, had debunked the rumour of sharing political appointment before election, saying it is a mischievous allegation against his political ambition.

In a statement on Sunday, Oni said it I’d the work of his political enemies blackmailing him as a gimmick to frustrate him out of the governorship race in Ekiti State.

Oni, who is contesting for Ekiti State Governorship under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform, said sharing of posts and or appointment are the responsibility of the party

The statement read: “My attention has been drawn to a subtle blackmail making the round that I, Segun Oni, have shared elective and appointive positions, even before election. I need to formally respond to this seemingly dangerous allegation before it is too late. Our track-records, tradition and philosophy transcend the blackmail of appointments sharing.

“In a season of blackmail-marketing and horrible generalization of issues, it has become expedient to restate our long-held tradition and principles. Those who share my philosophy about life and politics do not put the cart before the horse or trade-in phantom appointments sharing under any guise.

“We are guided by the dictate of time, law, wisdom, commonsense, and we have consistently shown an uncommon fidelity to due process. Characteristics of us, we have not shared any position or made any commitment for the sharing of posts, and for the record, we do not intend to do it until the time is legally and morally right to do so. 

“By our track-records, we do not corrupt values; we thrive in the ethics of fairness, decency, and constitutionality; therefore, the responsibility of sharing what is the patrimony of all is that of the party and the leadership.

“You will observe that we are also adopting new lines to make everything comes afresh and new. Our offices are christened PDP family (not Atunse group or Segun Oni Campaign Organisation – SOCO) to sell the concept of evolving a unique camaraderie and embracing a more pragmatic approach to the future.

“We are taking this statement seriously as part of our responsibility to let the people know that in the past, 2006/2007, we did not appropriate anything in secret or open, until the due date. The process we used then was still legendary to political practitioners and cannot be faulted. We stand by it.

“It is wisdom for us to understand that there is time for everything. Internal party rules and electoral guidelines steer our political process; we trust in the Almighty God to triumph at every phase of this journey. It shall be a new day!”