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Married In School But Single At Home, Parents Must Act Now


Welcome to Nigerian campuses where little girls are practicing ‘wifely functions’!

Just visit the boys’ hostels and you would be disappointed to find out that it is now common for a girl to live in with a course mate.

It is now common for her lover to give her the popular compliment ‘you look sexy my gal’ and she would gladly reply ‘thank you, honey, with a flirty voice and a romantic smile.

Who is her lover?

A 300 level student whose CGPA is barely up to 1.78!

And they are aiming for the next best couple award for the session by the departmental association. So, the girl needs to live with him to prepare along.

What nonsense! It seems that some girls suddenly loose their senses immediately they gain admission.

 I’ve seen that some of them have no more sense of caution, honour, dignity and fear of God

They would change their wardrobes with the money they lied to get from their careless parents and acquire a new set of make-ups just to look sexy enough for the small guys who don’t even know what they want in life.

In months, they would start sleeping around with boys. I mean boys who collect pocket money from their uncles! Dirty boys who most of the time are infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

Hey! I want you to know that you were sent to school to obtain a degree, not a disease.

The campus is called a school; not sex skool! You are on campus to receive education, not ejaculation. You are there to master the use of a pen not the pleasures of a penis.

 Wake up, girl! Do some thinking. Your future is greater than the ‘best couple award’. You will be distracted, confused, your education will suffer because you have replaced the ambition with premature love that comes with headache and heartache.

You cook for a boy you are more intelligent than, with your money and your body to the detriment of your destiny.

You give your virginity to a boy who will leave you after graduation or date 20 others to your ridicule or even record you and post to social media on small provocations . You play wife to a boy who cannot even care for himself.

Oh, you have given too much. Enough! Open your eyes; Can’t you see you’re being foolish? Can’t you see that you have lost your self respect and dignity at the age you are meant to be filled with confidence, courage, commitment and be celebrated.

You are passing through the fears of unwanted pregnancies yet you are opening your legs to a coward who cannot stand before your father.

And when you eventually get pregnant, he would be brutal because he is untrained, unrealistic, unripe and immature. He will see you as an enemy who wants to twart his future, he will call you all sorts of unprintable names because he is unpredictable and unprincipled.

Parents please, sending your children to university is always something of pride but did you equip them with enough morals at home to guide them.

Did you train them on the path of truth

Drop in on your children in school unannounced, you are not to respect your children wishes when they are undergoing training under you , they are to respect yours clearly and completely.

Parents please wake up, People don’t just grow to become angels they are guided in a sacrificial way, there is so much immoralities and wickedness amongst youths these days, no one quarrels or disagree to move on anymore; life no longer goes on amicably. Killings, tears, maiming everywhere!

What kind of demon has befallen the world and our Nigerian parents and church are busy looking for money and leaving the needful.

I cannot keep quiet oooo,

#justimagine how the world will be like if we all do what is right

Hon. Amb Buzopat Osigwe is my name. I am purpose driven and  remains a transformational, inspirational and motivational coach.

Thanks everyone for the beautiful birthday wishes yesterday. Saying that I am so loved is understatement. God bless you all real good.