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Sllipknot Asuquo: I attempt selling one of my Kidneys to raise fund for my music career

…left relationship to pursue music

Uduak Imem, popularly known as Sllipknot Asuquo, an Akwa Ibom extraction, a first fruit from a broken home whose affair with his ex-lover was clouding his music career, made a swift turn by pulling out of the relationship to face his career, according to the music star, while he was with his ex-lover things were not falling in places for him; with her bossy attitude she introduced him to a real estate firm while she is also a top official of another real estate firm.
Imem recall that while he was working with the real estate firm, he felt he does not belong there, he has his calling in the entertainment world of music.

He attended AKA 1 Primary School, at Obio Imo Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, and finished his Secondary school education at Community Secondary School, Obo Atai in Nsit Ibom, LGA, and graduated at University of Uyo.
A graphic artist turn musician fielded questions from Creekvibes Inside Life.


Can you expatiate on your soiled relationship and how long your courtship lasted?
We dated for close to two years, I met her as a music artist while in the relationship, she started using her feminine strength to divert my attention from music, while I was pushing her dream.
After dropping my music video in 2019, it became difficult do any kind of music again no matter how hard I try, until I put my feet on ground and walked away from the relationship.

When are you planning of walking down the aisle?
For now it is not in view, at some point I took a step to sell one of my Kidneys for my music career to triumph.

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That is an unusual thing, you intend to do for career to soar.
I have got no record label to clear my bills, so far I’ve only been picking up my bills, I multi-task to get that done, the music thing is capital intensive.

Those that wanted one of your Kidneys; how much were they putting on the table?
Well about N25m, covering travelling, lodging, and hazards that may arise after the surgery.

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Why did you opt out?
I did my calculation and discovered I will be left with about N7m (net), at that point I said to myself; ‘it does not worth it.’
So I went back to my hustle, it’s just a matter of time I will raise the cash I need to push my songs to the fore.

How has it been; the ups and downs of music in a nutshell?
Music really doesn’t pay like people thought on the preliminary, but you won’t relent; you must keep up the tempo by investing in entertainment so that, when it starts to invest in you, you will reap the fruit of your labour sweetly.
At some point I was pressurize by my lady to pick up a paid job; I actually did that for a while, but music kept beating through my head.

At the moment what was your ex-lover doing?
She actually intend to run a restaurant, but immediately I broke up on the relationship I cut off all ties, so presently I don’t know what she does.
We were in Lagos, so I relocated to Abuja, she is not a bad person though, but I wouldn’t want to see her.

How is Abuja treating you, are you getting shows?
I’ve been out of business for a while, so I needed to drop a new content to wao my waiting fans, the last song I dropped on my Facebook page my fans were like ‘wao’ they start asking questions like ‘Where have you been?’

So what are you up to, what is in the making?
I have just dropped a single but still working on the EP
What’s the title?

Bills on me.
Does it have to do with your experience?
The one that has to do with my experience will come later.

As a growing child, did you set out to be a musician or Aeronautic Engineer?
Laughs, to be fair I actually dreamt of becoming an Aeronautic Engineer, but the music thing has always being in me, I started with entertaining my dad, grandma and neighbours, each time I visit my grandma during holidays neighbor will flock around me knowing I’ve come, they will get a full dose of entertainment from me, because I will also dance while singing to entertain them.

I had challenges because I didn’t grow up with my mum, I grew up with grandma at that time, dad was not supporting my music thing, it was while I was in boarding school that I have time to develop my music acumen, I remembered one of my performance during our social night in school.
When I got to the university I saw a better ground to grow musically, my major appearance was when I performed at Theatre Art Department ‘Little play House’ 2007.

While growing up at what point did you discover you had a flare for entertainment.
Oh-men! I grew into music, according to my dad he said, even when my voice wasn’t clear as a child, I follow jingles on radios and television, so at some point I started singing out adverts in full.
So for all I could remember, I grew up into music.

Can you share insight on what happened between mum and dad?

I can’t really tell, because it seems no one wants to tell the truth, dad will say his own part mum will say her own part, but what is important is that they are both alive and are doing very well, I love them both.
Thank God I wasn’t aborted, I am a grown up now I have my life to live now.

What do you think Nigeria should know about you?
For me it is ‘music or nothing,’ that is the only thing that gives me joy, the only tattoo I have in my body is treble clef.

A word or two for your fans…
Well people say money make the World go round, but to me love makes the World calm, if my parents had love for each other they wouldn’t have parted ways.

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