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Yomi Fabiyi: I am so Emotional, I do Things Because I Love And Believe in Them

•Ready For  Nnenna, Bus Conductor

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Nollywood ace actor, director and movie producer, Abayomi Fabiyi popularly known as Yomi Fabiyi is no doubt a versatile and multi faceted actor, though an Ogun State indigene but attended Odunlade Primary School and Igbobi College, yaba Lagos respectively.

He had his debut movie, with “Obelomo” and since mounting the Tiger’s back, he has featured and produced many awesome and award winning movies.

Fabiyi grew up in the Shomolu area of Lagos State. He is the second child in his family, he is forever grateful to his parents for inculcating in him good moral values.

He is a recipient of notable awards like:

Best Actor in Leading Role (Yoruba) BON Awards 2016,

Best Producer (City People Awards 2016),

Best Movie (YOMAFA 2016),

Best Producer (African Films Award, London 2016), And

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (African Films Award, London 2016).

Human right Ambassador Award from the US Embassy.

Also to his credit several awards from University and polytechnics.

The brilliant and eloquent actor fielded few questions  from  Oluwadamilare Daniels of Creekvibes News Magazine. excerpts;

What can you tell us about ‘Prisoner’s Dowry’ (Owo Ori Elewon)?

The storyline reflects rout in the society; the culture of service; duty of care and of course community service viz-a-viz day to day struggles and travails of lives all combined with policing.

When I say policing, I mean real investigative policing, Owo Ori Elewon is a crime story mixed with societal values and intricacies  to satisfy the morality of every viewer most especially those that have not had the opportunity to see a movie in that direction.

Are your currently working on something that will fascinate your ever growing fans?

Yeah, I have four projects, I just shot two, ‘Prisoner’s Dowry’ and ‘Oba Shomolu’. We will be hitting the locations in another four weeks or thereabout to start the production of yet other two fascinating movies: ‘Bus Conductor’, ‘Nnenna.’

Nnenna has a multi cultural story line, it will warrant the entire crew to move their ass to the Eastern part of the country, viewers should expect to see a divergence in culture,  it is going to be an interesting piece that has never been said or heard before.

And then ‘Bus Conductor’ I will be playing the role of a bus conductor, it is going to be a different ball game entirely.

What is ‘Oba Shomolu’ all about?

It is a story line tailored along how destiny can be changed; sometimes the wickedness or benevolence of ones parents can be beneficial to the children. A lot of people act in limbo; with nonchalant attitude, all they want is to satisfy themselves, ‘Oba Shomolu’ seeks the indulgence of such acts to be corrected among parents otherwise they may be leaving behind a whole lot of problems for coming generation.  

Which of your awards has the highest rate of financial value?

All of them are highly rated; you just can’t place monetary value on them. The award is meant to sensitize you to do more, if money comes with it no hassle.

What was your ambition as a growing child?

Growing up most especially you may be influenced by what your parents want you to be or what is common, people may say Lawyer, Doctor or Engineer and stuffs like that.

Yomi 3

But at point in my life during my formative years, when I began to take charge of my destiny, I was thinking of becoming an entertainer probably a footballer and then perhaps a teacher, I’ve never thought I could get a mileage in the movie industry not until the acting dexterousness began to unfold, it was then I realize I can actually pursue a career in acting, and here I am today.

Do you have a political ambition?

We are all political animals but really I wouldn’t want to vie for any political position to be soliciting for people to vote for me, I am so emotional, I don’t do things because of what I intend to gain from it, I do things because I love and believe in it. Whatever I love and believe in, I do it in such a way that people perceive it as a do-or-die affair, for me that is why I get dedicated to what I do, I get misconstrue, I love to help people.

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I also love to take people out of oppression, basically I want people to be happy around me but in trying to I dedicate myself for that kind of struggle.

 On the elective position? When you are vying for any political position, you have to stand for those that like you and those that don’t like you, so if I am having sleepless night; burning candles for everyone to benefit. I won’t be able to live with the funny betrayal nature of politics, the people or communities you had sleepless night for will be the same people that will turn around to lambast you; bring you down, I really think I could develop a tick skin to absorb such degradation, deep down, I will be so bitter, so I wouldn’t want to go that route, so in my own view of contributing positively to human kind, I set up an NGO most importantly NGO should be the rallying point because everybody will be involved.

What is the name of your NGO?

Break the Silence Foundation, it is basically on human right and we’ve done a lot, in 2019 I had the first Human Right Submit, it was a convergent of all entertainers from all walks of life, which include news casters; presenters; actors; comedians etc in conjunction with Amnesty International, it was so interesting, I also shot a movie in that direction ‘Onikeede’.

So I’ve been contributing my quota to support the frontiers of human rights because I believe without human right, peace and development may be very difficult to attain in a society like Nigeria.

Although, it is a difficult one but I’ve chosen to do that for the people.

Have you had any embarrassing moment on the job?

Of course as an up-coming actor you will be steered with a lot of embarrassing moments, at times you will say this shouldn’t be happening to me but all you need to understand is, it is part of the job, if it could be corrected, you do, if it will lead to violence all you need do is to walk away. I’ve got a lot of embarrassing moment but I thank God in the overall for the joyful once.

Which is favourite foreign club?

Chelsea and Real Madrid.