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#BenueUnderAttack: Nigerians react, as over 200 people allegedly died within one month in Benue

Ortom Press Brief

Killings in Benue State have again made the news, as reports claim over 200 people were reportedly killed in different parts of the state in the last one month.

Nigerians took to social media on Friday under a hashtag Benue under attack, to decry the rate of killings in the state.

Gory photos of corpses lined up on the street were also shared by twitter users claiming the dead were victims of killings perpetrated by herdsmen.

One twitter user, @iam_doctormayor, claimed the corpses lined up on the street making the rounds were “36 recovered death Bodies at shikaan mbagena kpav katsina Ala Benue State“.

According to Ripples Nigeria this report is not yet verified.

It was gathered that suspected herders allegedly attacked the locality, killing over a hundred residents and rendering many others homeless.

There were also reports that the victims include over 30 students of the College of Education in Katsina Ala.

The governor of the state, Samuel Ortom, has repeatedly implored the federal government to enforce increased security presence in order to redress the scourge.

Ortom also urged the people to defend themselves against killer herders.

“I’ll no longer announce the deaths of those killed by Fulani herdsmen; rise up and defend yourselves with weapons not prohibited by law, bows and arrows, spears, knives, and similar ones,” Ortom said.

In response to the allegations of killings by suspected herders, the spokesperson of Benue police command Catherine Sewuese on Friday said she has not confirmed the killings.

“I have not been able to confirm that from any of the officers on the ground because there were no reports,” Sewuese said.

“They have gone out now to trail those areas where these allegations are coming from because they earlier alleged that 100 persons were killed. We went and didn’t see any corpses, now they say 32.

“We have deployed men again to go back there. Maybe later in the day, if I get anything I will let you know.”

Here are some reactions from Twitter regarding the alleged killings in Benue State:

“At least 2,861 deaths were reported in Q1 2021. #BenueUnderAttack, Farmers/Herders crisis in Southern Kaduna & other parts of the country. Abductions have become more indiscriminate as local criminal gangs view victims as a source of income. This is why #NigeriaMourns,” EIENigeria tweeted.