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SCOAN: Evelyn Joshua Poses to Step Into TB Joshua’s Shoes

The wife of the late Nigerian prophet and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Evelyn Joshua, is poised to become the next head of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

The church’s elders met recently and declared Everlyn as the successor to the Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua .

“Someone must take charge immediately and give spiritual direction on the mode of service continuity. So much spiritual and financial efforts went into building SCOAN and it cannot just waste away,’’ a top aide said.

Evelyn met the late pastor in 1990 when she traveled to Egbe visit her sister.

The two were married for 31 years and had three children. It was further reported that she had gone to meet him for counseling and spiritual guidance.

TB Joshua proposed to her on the same day they first met after a 45-minute session. Evelyn later married the prophet to become second in command of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations.

Local Nigerian media estimate TB Joshua’s networth at $10million, placing him among the top richest pastors on the continent with arguably one of the best state of art auditorium.

Apart from preaching, Evelyn also offers counseling among the church followers.

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