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Ghana Football: Player scores two own goals to ruin match-fixing

Hashmin Musah

A player in the Ghana Premier League Hashmin Musah has claimed that he scored two deliberate own goals in a match on Saturday so as to foil an alleged match-fixing plot.

A defender for Inter Allies, Hashmin Musah came on against Ashanti Gold with the score at 5-0 and scored two deliberate own goals in the final 12 minutes. The match finished 7-0 on the final day of the season on Saturday.

Musah insists his goals were deliberate and that his team mates congratulated him for spoiling the ‘pre-agreed’ scoreline put in place for betting reasons.

“I heard it in our hotel that a bet had been made for a correct scoreline of 5-1 against my club Inter Allies. I promised my coach that if he allows me to play from the bench, I will spoil the bet. And after the game, my team congratulated me” Musah told Kumasi FM.

“I decided to spoil that bet because I don’t condone betting.” the centre back stressed.

The Ghanaian FA in a statement have said they will investigate the matter further.

A statement on their website read: ‘The Association will lodge a complaint on the match with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana wing of Interpol for the criminal investigation of the game.’

Videos of the defender’s goals went viral on social media, prompting calls for investigations, while Ashanti Gold, the opponent team have stressed they had no involvement in the alleged match-rigging agreement.

“We take notice of the videos circulating in relation to our game against Inter Allies and wish to unequivocally disassociate [ourselves] from any wrongdoing,” Ashanti Gold said in a statement on Monday.

Inter Allies went into the final game of the season already condemned to relegation from the Premier League, and were 5-0 down before Musah’s introduction.

He would later be substituted out of the match just before full-time following his two own goals.


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