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Belema The Talent Hunter Set to Host ‘Face of Girl Power Africa International 2021’

Ambassador Belema Afiesimama, from the oil-rich Garden City of Port Harcourt, River State, Okrika Local Government to be precise, the 4th child between 7 siblings, two elder brothers, and four sisters, Belema as she is fondly called is a former beauty queen, intelligent and smart looking young lady, she is saddled with the directives of Girl Power Africa International, an entertainment brand is known for hunting imbued music/modeling talent of young girls and ladies between the ages of 14 to 35, she nurtures and allows them to grow into greatness.

Belema was crowned twice in 2008 and 2009 as The Most Beautiful Girl in UNIPORT a feat difficult for subsequent pageant winners to oust; she went ahead and represented Nigeria in World Miss Supranational Pageant in 2011; she was the first runner up Miss Africa and became Ambassador of Africa.

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Amb. Belema who realised that young girls in the mold of Agbani Darego litters the city of Port Harcourt and Africa at large vowed to give back to the society which has been her aboard right from birth, and the dream to empower the female gender gave birth to ‘Girl Power Africa International,’ an international brand which has the fecundity of bringing to the fore talented African girls/ladies.

Since incorporated in 2012, the talent hunt outfit did ‘Face of Girl Power Africa International’ in 2013 which was her debut ‘talent hunt’ a modeling competition for females which saw Princess Agunbiade crowned 2013 winner, similarly, the event took place in 2014 and Diepriye Lambert emerged bravest, while in 2015 it was the turn of Oyechere Fame who wore the coveted crown, she is now an International Super Model in the United Kingdom, suffice to say other winners are creatively glowing in brand influencing; modeling across the country.

 It was a different ball game in 2017, Girl Power International presented ‘The African Girl with a Mandate.’ It was an interesting talent hunt which saw brainy; eloquent; intelligent and a bookworm Queen Esther clinching the crown, Esther surprisingly is studying Medicine at the moment.

The vibrant brain behind ‘The African Girl with a Mandate,’ Belema is set to Host ‘Face of Girl For Africa,’ an event slated for United Nations International Girls Day simultaneously with a Talent Hunt show. Creekvibes Oluwadamilare Daniels brings you an excerpt from the interview conducted with Amb Belema…enjoy

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What have you done this year?

For the first time, we had ‘Children’s Day Celebration with Belema Afiesimama’ on May 27, 2021.

What’s in the offing?

 There are two upcoming events one is ‘Face of Girl For Africa International,’ a modeling competition for the brainy and talented, coming up on October 11, 2021, a day set aside as ‘International Girls Day.’

Secondly, the big one coming up in December, it will be a music talent hunt. The event will accommodate young girls, as young as 10 years old.

As long as she has talent, ready to compete and showcase her talents to the world.

Do you have an age bracket for the upcoming events?

We’ve come to the juncture where they’ll always say 18 years and above while so many talents radiating at 13 and might be deviated at 16 into a profit or nonprofitable ventures are left limbo. If as a teenager with imbue music talent and your parents are in the affirmative and ready to support then this talent hunt is for you, age shouldn’t hinder, 13 years minimum and 35 years maximum.

At what point did you deem it fit to add males to your talent hunt event?

Three or four years ago, like Girls For Africa, we do more of modeling shows; adverts and brand influencing, the male models in Girls Power Africa are more of GPA allies, but now we encourage male and female to join as a member provided he or she can sing, dance, catwalk or your physique fits for a commercial model, it could also be a very good voice for voiceover, so long you’ve got a talent to showcase we got no gender barrier on these.

How can someone apply, is there a price tag attached to the form and where can it be accessed?

A portal will be made available soon to handle forms application, a one or two minutes video or voice clips will be required from the prospective participant to ascertain his or her admission.

Since you added males to your talent hunt show, how many can you pin that are currently doing great? For the males, they were more or less GPA allies they are not an integral part of any major competition or what we stand for except for the event coming up in December that is when they can compete.

Thanks, do have a great day.