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Thomas Markle: Prince Harry,37 was dropped on my head as a baby, everything he says is stupid

Thomas Markle has said his son-in-law Prince Harry, 37, was “dropped on his head as a baby” because “everything he says is stupid”.

Meghan Markle’s dad made an appearance on GB News to speak after Meghan apologised to the Court of Appeal this week, for “failing to remember” she told a royal aide to brief the authors of the Finding Freedom biography about her and husband Prince Harry.

While addressing the issue, during which he called Meghan “deceitful”, host Dan Wootton asked him his thoughts on the term “Megxit” – referring to Harry and Meghan leaving the UK and the working Royal Family – and whether he thought it was sexist as Harry had said.

Thomas, 77, said: “No, I do not. Once again I refer to Harry’s ignorance.

“I don’t know what happened, maybe he was dropped on his head as a baby, but the bottom line is everything that comes out of his mouth is always kind of stupid, so that gets me in trouble with them of course, but it’s true.”

Infantilizing Harry, he said: “Harry rides a bicycle every day where he lives every day, and I understand they’re going to take the training wheels off soon.”

Dan then took a dig at Harry too, as he said: “Well he does need to grow up because if he was mature at all he would have spoken to you long ago like any grown man.”


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