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Sugar baby cajole to be baby mama, fights Sugar daddy’s wife

Sugar baby Nikita Gonzalez, is steadily building up a big follower online by exposing secrets about the lifestyle – the brunette beauty currently has nearly 20,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram

Over on TikTok, Nikita shares clips of her sugar baby lifestyle – including her glam gifts and holidays.

She even talks about run-ins with her sugar daddy’s wife.

According to Dailystar, one clip saw her share a video of some red roses, as she wrote: “How my sugar daddy apologises after his wife called my phone and I had to act like his daughter’s teacher.”

Sharing a clip from a shopping centre, she wrote: “My sugar daddy spoiling me even though his wife found out and his daughter hates me.”

In other videos, Nikita told fans that her sugar daddy recently raised her allowance and asked her to be his mistress.

She also claims he’s asked to have a baby with her – lavishing her with expensive gifts and holiday in order to convince her to be a babymama.

Nikita Gonzalez speaks about her sugar daddy on TikTok

She says her sugar daddy now wants her to be his mistress

As well as her TikTok videos, Nikita has also shared glam outfit snaps and selfies from various luxurious locations.

Nikita isn’t the only sugar baby to gain attention online lately – especially on the viral video platform.

Scottish stunner Jodi Goldie says her sugar daddy spoils her with expensive gifts nearly every day.

However, she says she makes sure she lets him know when she doesn’t like something, as the sugar baby rates all her gifts from 1-10.

And it’s clear Jodie has expensive taste, as her costly presents include nearly £2000 for a Louis Vuitton bag, an iPhone 13, and £775 Balenciaga trainers.

Not all of them are to her liking though.