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(Video) Malian Government Wants Opponents to Suspend Division

Colonel Assimi Goita, the head of Malian military Government has called for the suspension of political, social and ideological divisions that is about to ravage, in order for the country to attend the national conference on the foundation of Mali as one entity, this is a precursor event to propagate rebirth for the West African country.

Goita said, “The national conference of the foundation, is slated for today Saturday, December 11, and ends on Thursday, December 30, 2021, this will be an opportunity to establish a direct and fruitful dialogue between all the sons and daughters of Malian, in order to Sheathe-the-swords  over quarrels which tend to undermine the process of transition which is in progress that could hinder the hope of the rebirth of the Malian people, who are nevertheless lovers of peace and justice, but who are particularly attached to their values,” said.

Mali recently notified West African states that Mali would be unable to organize these elections by February 2022, citing insecurity in the regions.

The Economic Community of the West African States (ECOWAS) has placed sanctions on over 150 members of Mali’s transitional government including the interim Prime Minister Choguel Maiga.

The financial assets of all those on the list – including the 121 members of the National Transitional Council, have been frozen and they are further banned from traveling within ECOWAS. The sanctions also apply to their family members.

21 ministers have also been included in the list.

The transitional president and head of the junta Colonel Assimi Goïta and Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop are not on the list

No official but according to several sources, Assimi Goïta and Abdoulaye Diop were left out to allow the transitional authorities to be present at future meetings of the West African body and thus maintain dialogue between the two parties.

The bloc has been piling pressure on Mali’s transitional government, demanding they stick to an agreement to organize elections next February.