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(Video) South Africa: LGBTQ, others seeks inclusion in churches


South Africa’s constitution is considered progressive. This, has manifested in religion. More churches are creating a dedicated ministry for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender and Queer and Intersex community.

According to Africannew, in regions like the United States and Western Europe some prominent Protestant churches have advocated for LGBTQI inclusion. With only a few exceptions, this has not happened in some parts of Africa.

LGBTQI activist, Dumisani Dube is seeking for more inclusion in South African churches.

“The challenge has been to find a safe space where there is no discrimination, where there is no hate. Churches always have this issue of saying that being different in regards to sexual orientation is demonic. They have called the gay and lesbians demonic. They have called transgender people demonic. So, the LBGTQI community could not find spaces to be accommodative for their sexuality”

Dumisani’s church has now created a safe space for close to 500 migrants who are members of the LGBTI community from countries like Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

“We have accommodated many people. It is an exodus of events. People come in and people go. They come to our group and get what they want. They are then free to go where they need to go in terms of their faith or religion. For example, if someone is a Muslim and they come to our group, we make an effort to find a place where they can practice Islamic religion and not face discrimination.” Dube explained.

While South Africa the rainbow nation is believed to be inclusive, activists like Dumisani say more needs to be done.

Watch the video below;