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Balogun Takes PVC Awarenesses to Politicians, Celebrities

The Chief Executive Officer of Bkleff Entertainment, organisers of the Permanent Voters Card ( PVC ) awareness and sensitisation programme in Nigeria, Mr Korede Balogun wants to clearify possible issues that might arises as he  takes his campaign a step further, getting celebrities and politicians involved. According to him, since  the programme  started five  years ago,  “it has been on my sole efforts and funding”  because l strongly feel, that not until we pay the huge sacrifice of educating ourselves and sensitizing the society at large that each vote counts.

Therefore, selling our votes equal to selling our future as well as those of our children and future generations unborn. We are far from getting the developmental changes we so desired.”   Balogun said his sensitization programme has no political undertones, sponsorship or Involvement with any political party or politicians.

Balogun also stated that  having done this in the last 5 years, he is taking a step further to also get celebrities and the political class involved, “
He stated further that, we must keep telling and reminding the  political class to allow the will of the people to prevail while celebrities must see the task of further engaging and en-lighting the public as part of their social corporate responsibility.    He said they must ensure and assist the political atmosphere and environs in every way we can.”

Balogun added that, they have huge role to play in sensitizing those in the wards, grassroots and constituencies that the PVC is the first step to ensure a free and fair election without violence.. he concluded. It will be noted that adopted several measures, in his sensitacitation program, from drama, one on one neighborhood Awareness approach. And has been to several cities and towns across the country.