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Influencer unhooks b*a to show off her natural bo*bs

A body positive influencer and social media model, Nelly London has taken to Instagram stories to show her thousands of followers what her boobs look like without a b*a to raise awareness of breast positivity

The Brighton-based brunette often shares uplifting content to her 455,000 followers – where she has previously opened up about a boob job gone wrong.

Nelly has been left with scars on her boobs after her body rejected her br*ast reduction surgery.

“Actually I now take really great pride in showing off my scars. I take a lot of pictures of them and put them on Instagram.

“I am openly proud of them because they’ve been such a journey for me,” she told BBC Three.

And she still has no shame about her scars, as in her recent post she has shared candid side-by-side snaps of her breasts.

But in the right side snap, Nelly has unhooked her b*a.

Her boobs now appear to sit lower than they did when she had the lingerie on.

In these seconds apart snaps, Nelly has taken it upon herself to spread a message of boob positivity.

She said: “Big ones, small ones, saggy ones, perky ones, scarred ones, tubular ones, asymmetrical ones, enhanced boobs, one boob, two boobs, no boobs.

“They’re all just boobs.

“But I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is 100% happy with their boobs, and there always seems to be the idea that they could just be a bit better somehow.”

Nelly has urged her followers to embrace their boobs no matter what shape or size they are – as everyone is different.

She added: “We can wish they were different in a million different ways, we might even try and make changes to them (hi me), but boobs are just boobs, in all their weird, asymmetrical, bouncy glory.”

Appreciative of Nelly’s post, many people fled to the comments to thank for her being an inspiration – and some even shared anecdotes themselves.

One person commented: “You’re a goddess. Thanks for inspiring us all.”

Another fan remarked: “This is what I wanted to hear, was struggling with weight loss and the consequences in them, thank u nelly. You’re such an angel.”

A third person voiced: “I do love mine. I love that they are the way they are. I’m flat as a board and I love them.”

Someone else said: “So true, I started being happy about my boobs a couple of years ago when I realised I have so much to celebrate about my body than just focus on the details I dislike!