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Model Isabella: I let my man hook up with other girls…I am cool with it

Model Isabella James says she enjoys the freedom of being in an open relationship after suffering from a controlling ex. She admits she doesn’t mind her man hooking up with other women

Many women wouldn’t be happy if they found out their partner was having s*x with other women.

However, Isabella James isn’t one of them, the model, who dubs herself the ‘Spiritual Bimbo’ encourages it, this is because Isabella says she enjoys the freedom of being in an open relationship.

Talking exclusively to Daily Star, the OnlyFans model said: “Me and my partner are in an open relationship.

“We’re allowed to connect with other sexual partners but we’re emotionally monogamous.”

“If he wants to hook up with other girls, it’s fine with me.

Talking more on the set-up, Isabella added: “I’m a very sexual person but I realise men are on some next level.

“If he wants to have fun, then I just ask he’s honest and tells me.

“I kind of like it actually.

“If you really love someone then you want them to enjoy themselves anyway.”

Isabella says her partner  is 14 years older than her and had also suffered from a ‘super controlling ex’.

Talking about past experiences, Isabella said men would often get jealous of her working with other guys in the adult industry.

“My ex wouldn’t let me do photoshoots with any male photographers,” she said.

“He was disrespectful to me and didn’t trust me.”

The revelation comes after Isabella revealed her staggering earnings to Daily Star last week.

The beauty says she often gets judged on her looks, with people thinking she’s a ‘bimbo’ because she’s blonde and has big boobs.

However, she says she’s earning all her own money from OnlyFans – and making six figures a month.

She told us: “I have big t*ts and I’m blonde, so people think I must be dumb and using some man for his money.

“Society creates these archetypes.


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