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Alaafin of Oyo’s mother is Onisanbo’s mother – HRM, Oba Adegboye Kazeem

HRM, Oba Adegboye Kazeem

An Engineering graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, (LAUTECH), HRM, Oba Adegboye Kazeem Adio, Ilufemiloye 1, is the man sitting atop the stool of power in Ogbooro land, in Ifelodun Local Council Development Area, Saki East Local Government in the Oke Ogun area of Oyo state.

He is an extraction of Omole Ruling House of Ogbooro Land, according to history the ‘Onisanbo title’ which is the royal stool of Ogbooro land is open to four ruling families.

HRM, Oba Adegboye Kazeem, the 19th crowned king of Ogbooro land was born in 1976 into the nuclear family of late Prince (Alhaji) Fasasi Aremu Adegboye, this makes him a direct descendent of His Royal Majesty, the late Oba Folaranmi Ayinde Abinuwaye, the 14th Onisanbo of Ogbooro Land, his mother was the late Mrs. Rahmatallah Monininuola Ajiwon Adegboye.

Alaafin of Oyo and Onisanbo Ogbooro land

The Unique things about the monarch are his characteristics of perseverance, condescension, humility and respect for everyone he comes in contact with, irrespective of age, tribe, religion, nationality or colour, the monarch is happily married to Olori Halimat Olaide Asimiyu Adegboye and blessed with handsome princes and beautiful princesses.

He fielded questions from Oludaniels of Creekvibes news magazine,


How many ruling family do we have in Ogbooro land?

We have four ruling families namely:

1.       Daodu Ruling House

2.       Omole Ruling House

3.       Adeoye Ruling House

4.       Lasile Ruling House.

These four families are entitled to produce king for the royal stool of ‘Onisanbo of Ogbooro land’ at all time.

There are also, some recognised high chiefs who are the kingmakers, they are: The Banse of Ogbooro- Chairman, The Agoro of Ogbooro, The Ikolaba of Ogbooro, The Otun Ikolaba of Ogbooro, The Mojobate, The Moyeloye, The Sobaloju.

How many kings have been on the throne of Ogbooro Royal Stool?

Eighteen kings so far, I am the 19th king of this great kingdom, the names of the past kings are:

1,       Adeniyi Arojo

2.       Ademola Ige Ayinla

3.       Adepojuwon Adio Onika Obele

4.       Adeteru

5.       Olasile Akanbi

6.       Ijaye

7.       Eebo Adegun Ogbolewu

8.       Agbabiau

9.       Ojo Ologboo

10.     Olabulo Atanda

11.     Sekoni Oyindamola

12.     Oke

13.     Ikusika  Adelekoto

14.     Folaranmi Ayinde Abinuwaye: (1926)

15.     Bamigbade Akanbi: (1927-1936)

16.     Adesola Alao (1937-1958)

17.     Adeniran Arowosoba (1959-1976)

18.     Adedokun Adisa (1978-2017).

 What is the forbidden thing in Ogbooro Land?

You must not eat yam nor pounded yam until the yam festival is over.

What are the consequences of going against the yam festival?          

In those days they will be punished severely by the king.

How fertile is the soil of Ogbooro for agriculture?

Very, very fertile, for Cocoa, yam, beans a lot of perennial, annual crops and biennial crops including Rice plantation just name it except for the ones we’ve not tried.

Can you accommodate real estate investors?

One of my plans is to call on the Ogbooro kindred in Europe, USA, UK and Canada to come home, I am creating an estate for them, if you are a son of Ogbooro land you must come home and have a house built for yourself, I can even afford to give the piece of land for free.

For those that want to invest in real estate, I need to apportion some large chuck of land for such developmental project.

What is the contribution of Gov. Seyi Makinde to the recent development of Ogbooro land?

Actually, Governor Seyi Makinde hit the ground running, his government have released bulldozer to clear and level the allocated site for the ultra modern market, which will be built soon but, after  deliberation with my kinsmen, I will advice the market be called Onisanbo market.

I heard it through a grapevine fact that the link roads from Ogbooro to Shaki; Ogbooro to Igboho has been approved and construction works will commence soon. We also solicit for the asphalt of Ago-Amodu Road, Saki East council area down to Ogbooro; Agbonle Road down to Ogbooro should not be left out, Agbonle is a boundary town between Ogbooro and Ilorin. Those roads are major factors that will enable perishable farm produce to be taken to urban area without fear of breaking even.

What are the impacts of past Oyo State governors on Ogbooro development?

The late Isiaka Abiola Adeyemi Ajimobi built a health care centre, he also tarred a couple of roads within the city, the late Lam Adesina built a governor guest house through Alhaji Aliu, he instituted an information service centre, Rasheed Ladoja built schools and also renovated few dilapidated ones.

Have you noticed the presence of Africa Development Bank (AfDB) in Ogbooro?

No, they might be in the capital but not in my homestead.

How close are you to His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr) Lamidi Olayiwola Atanda Adeyemi 111, Alaafin of Oyo, Iku Baba Yeye?

History reveals that maternally Onisanbo and Alaafin of Oyo are from the same mother while Onisanbo is the eldest but not of the same father, a fact the Alaafin of Oyo knows about, recently he came to remold the Epitaph of their mother in her final resting place in Ogbooro.

History has it that Onisanbo and Alaafin were given birth to by same mother, what about Shaki monarch how is he to you?

We are close alley. I’m yet to stumble upon any historical bounds.

What is your perception on Nigeria @60?

Implementation is the basis of our problems, take for instance the ongoing construction on Oyo to Iseyin Express Road, it has got to that progressive level because the governor was on ground monitoring how things are been done otherwise, the implementation will not fly and people will say ‘this man,’ ‘that man’ is not working.

The same thing is happening at Federal level too, President Muhammadu Buhari is facing the same thing. Removing weary hands and replacing them with agile and efficient ones, to apply their acquired skills into ongoing projects to get the desired output. If we go that way, I bet you things will be fine.

The future of Nigeria is crystal bright. In overall, we Nigerians need to be truthful and work with the fear of God.

Behind every successful man they say there is a woman can we know a little about Olori and her family background?

Glory be to God, God has made her to be a fruitful vine, she has been standing by me in all these tussles whereas if it were some other persons she might have said; “ am tired of all these challenges” and might have decided to leave me to face my challenges alone, but no, she stood by me when it was Tough.

She is an indigene of Osun State, Ede precisely, although her parents gave birth to her in Kaduna, her primary and secondary school educations were attained at Kaduna, her parents left Kaduna to Ede during one of the Kaduna crisis.

My wife, Olori Halimat Olaide Ashimiyu Adegboye graduated from the Polytechnic Ede, did her Youth Service in Imo State, and that was where we meet, during her Youth Service days and after observing each other for a while, and God consent our heart desires and here we are today.

Any word for ogbooro people?

I want to specially thank my people, those that stand staunchly behind me, Priest Ajayi Kolawole Ojeponle, Community Chairman Irepodun Omo Ogbooro World wide, Evangelist Ekundayo Michael Sanusi BOT Chairman Irepodun Omo Ogbooro; Ogbooro descendant Union in Diaspora.

Long Live Oba Kazeem Adio Adegboye, Ilufemiloye 1, Onisanbo of Ogbooro land.

Long Live Ogbooro Land, Long Live Governor  Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde, Long Live Oyo state.

Emi oje ri oba fin o, ari oba fin owun ni oba npa, kabiyesi o, baba ki epe fun wa, thanks a million.

ki Ade pelori, ki Bata pe lese, ki Irukere pe lowo karin kese…


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