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(Video) Boss Lady: God spared my life on ‘Tears of Ugoloma’ epic movie location

Nollywood fast-rising star, Happiness Chiamaka Chukwuma, otherwise known as Boss Lady a Taurean personality was born 24 years ago in Lagos, being the third child among her six siblings.

Boss Lady as she is fondly called doggedly began her acting career barely a year ago with over seven movies to her credit, she has also produced a movie.

Happiness Chukwuma, an indigene of Imo State Onuimo, Okwuele Local Government Area to be precise, while her maternal home remains, Aku in Achi, Eji River Local Government Area of Enugu State.

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Boss Lady a very creative personality waited to round up her education before she step onto the big stage, she attended Seat of Wisdom Primary School, Ajangbadi and proceeded to Awori Senior College, Ojo, unfortunately, her father died while she was in JSS 3 at the age of 13.

The demise of her father did not deter her from achieving her God-given talents as her mother became her stalwart.

After secondary school she worked as a salesgirl for about two years, in an outfit that deals in chemical products, which prompted her desire to put in for Environmental Health course at Enugu State College of Health Technology Oji River, she graduated and was licensed with certification as a health office, she is currently practising in Anambra.

The star and producer of ‘Tears of Ugoloma’ have acted in ‘Middle of nowhere’, ‘Lost in the Wilderness’, ‘Ten Days in The Forest,’ ‘Ghetto Crimes,’ while others are still in the making.

Tears of Ugoloma an epic blockbuster directed by Prince Don is a film to behold, Boss Lady took her acting prowess to a higher level when she acted as the princess in the first epical movie she produced, a carefully scripted movie, it happened during the ancient days a lady identified as Ugoloma was accused of what she knows nothing about and was ostracised, the accusation earned her series of punishments, in the end, she was buried alive before she died during the torture she realized she could not survive so, she laid a curse on the community and the curse rages on, down to the fourth generation; it kept taking its toll, our daring screen star is the princess in the fourth generation and it came to past that she was struck with a strange ailment that left her bedridden in a coma and needed the Tears of Ugoloma to regain consciousness, make a date to watch the epic blockbuster.

The Lagos-born actress got the name ‘Boss Lady’ while she was on the location of a movie, she said, “It happened while I was on location and I think I could fit in to ameliorate the hiccup that was about to set back the production of that movie,  the movie was directed by Ifeanyi Azodo, so I tried all my best to ensure things went on smoothly on that location and the movie was a success after then I started hearing ‘Boss lady’ initially I cautioned them, I told them my name is Happiness, they refute and kept on calling me Boss Lady that was how is stock. The boss lady honour has relegated my real name, as I am on location now people kept on calling me boss lady they don’t even know what my real name is.”

According to the Boss Lady, her former relationship collapsed because she had no time for it, and she is not in any serious relationship at the moment. Her scale of preference is led by building her dreams followed by taking care of her family according to her she wants a marriage where she and her hubby will co-join to run the affairs of the home and give their children the best by His grace

Creekvibes Oluwadamilare Daniels asked her when is the right time to say ‘I do?’, she laughed and said, “God will do that at the right time.”

Tears Of Ugoloma Movie
Tears of Ugoloma movie shot

Furthermore, she said something freighting, a day before the shooting of ‘Tears of Ugoloma’ she had a terrible experience, it was a kind of attack.

Immediately she finished eating, she went to bed aiming to wake up to the shooting of her first movie as a producer but, she discovered she couldn’t sleep and she began to throw-up and there was rumbling in her navel, according to her, “I almost died but for the quick intervention of people around me, I was revived.”

Her slogan has always been Pay the price and one day you will get the prize.

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She has been betrayed by many when challenges came during the shooting of the ‘Tear of Ugoloma’ some people left the location while others stayed, but she appreciates God for the success of the epic movie.

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