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Peter Obi chooses Datti Baba-Ahmed as running mate

Labour Party (LP) on Friday formally announced founder of Baze University, Datti Baba-Ahmed, as its vice presidential candidate.

The event, which took place at Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja, was attended by several dignitaries.

Speaking on his choice of Baba-Ahmed, Peter Obi said the country was in dire need of fresh, energetic leadership to become productive.

He lamented the existential crises of corruption, insecurity, unemployment, agitations and others as concomitant consequences of bad leadership.

He promised to reel out his manifesto and policy documents in the coming days for Nigerians to peruse.

Reacting to the nomination, Baba-Ahmed said he was happy to be part of the movement committed to salvaging Nigeria.

He described Obi’s choice as most significantly thoughtful especially in the face of economic problems bedeviling the country.

He promised to join hands with the presidential candidate in order to pull the country back from the brink of collapse.

“The fundamental, undeniable reason for being on this ticket is to rescue Nigeria. And it goes logically and without saying that you can only rescue that which is in trouble. Nigeria is in a great deal of trouble. I can’t afford not to be part of the movement to rescue Nigeria.

“I believe in the greatness of the country. I believe there would be peace and prosperity. I believe Nigerian people will unite with the right set of people as its leaders. It’s time to change the narrative and get the country back on the track”, he noted.