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Newlywed bride narrates love story with husband… I never believed there is relationship without sex

Newlywed bride narrates the journey of her love life with her now-husband despite going their separate ways in 2016 as a result of distance.

Blessing Chubiyojo, a Facebook user expresses shock over her reunion with her husband despite how things ended between them six years ago.

Narrating her story, Blessing revealed that she would never have believed a relationship between two people is possible without sex.

Newlywed bride gushes as she narrates love story with husband after breaking up in 2016

Read her story below …

“What God has destined to be will surely be no matter how long. I want to share a little story of what God has done.

2016, this young man and I dated not up to 6 months. We broke up cos it was a distance relationship. I was in Lagos while he was in Abuja.

After that I disconnected myself from him totally but he was still in contact with me. My mind was totally off his side.

2020 I got a message concerning him that we are destined for each other, I laughed and ignored bcos I done already design d kind of man I want.

Last year again another message came that he will come back and propose to me by December. Surprisingly Dec 8th while he was on Shiloh ground, I got an sms from him bcos I was avoiding his calls, I had to chat him up on WhatsApp that I got an sms from him.

That was how the journey started, first I was doubting but bcos it was d will of God, everything became a reality without any stress and today we are husband and wife to the glory of God.

This marriage is God’s project and is ordained by God. Within this period nothing like S*x but it still worked out. I never believed there will be a relationship without sex and it will work.

God is still God and his word always come to fulfillment.”

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