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Kluvet Dino: Dad’s nonchalant attitude can’t rob me of my destiny

Kluvet Dino, MD/CEO of Dino Movie Production is an indigene of Agbor in Delta State, Ika South Local Government Area to be precise, he was admitted to study theatre Art at the University of Jos, but he couldn’t continue with his education due to circumstance beyond his control.

Dino has not limited his strength and struggles to become a movie producer, according to him his ambition of becoming a full-grown graduate was dimmed by his father’s nonchalant attitude towards the welfare of his mother and his other siblings, Creekvibes findings show that his father took another wife and left Dino’s mother to cater for herself and four children.

Dino’s father has moved on with his second marriage that has produced three children, he left Dino’s mother for reasons best known to him, he thinks that good things cannot come out of Dino’s Jerusalem, but against all odds, Dino in frantic efforts has taken the bull by the horns in the movie industry.

Although, he started as a personal assistant with GP Iyke Sly but has gained prominence and has learned under notable movie producers and directors.

He has been in the industry since 2010; he has succeeded in producing two movies in a space of two years, one of his movies, Family Armageddon produced under the auspices of Dino’s Movie Production is currently rocking the screens, while the other one is yet to be released.

The ‘Family Armageddon’ centres around a wicked uncle who killed his elder brother to take over the family’s property, but fortunately the dead brother had two sons before his demise; one cool-headed the other a ‘street-guy’ the wicked uncle succeeded in killing the cool-headed son but has the ‘street guy’ to contend with, watch how the rest of the movie unfolds on Youtube channel.

The movie featured notable movie stars like Elvis Obi, Mercy Kenneth, Charles, Emeka Maicon, Stephannie Ekwu and other upcoming actors.

The producer of Family Armageddon appreciates the help and assistance he got from his elder brothers, Henry Odujie and Austin Oduje not undermining the staunch support of his girlfriend Happiness Chiamaka Chukwuma otherwise known as Boss Lady.

Creekvibes Oluwadamilare Daniels asked Dino four questions. Excerpts;

Where will you be in another five years?

I will be producing a ‘Cinema Standard’ movie.

You are a ladies’ man, how will handle ladies throwing themselves at you?

Real men don’t womanize.

Are you the first child of your parents?

No, I am the last child.

How are the other siblings doing?

They are doing very fine.


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