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Bethenny Frankel…too late to change Harry’s book name to ‘Dirty Harry Laundry’

Bethenny Frankel, an American businesswoman, television personality, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author has commented on Harry’s newly published book, Tell-All Book ‘Spare’;

“Is it too late to change the name of Harry’s book to Dirty Harry Laundry?” the SkinnyGirl founder quipped via Instagram on January 6. “I mean, if I had a nickel for every person who had thrown down with a family member, a brother. … Are we going with Meghan to get a pap smear? I mean, what’s next?”

Meghan McCain Reacts to Prince Harry Book

Meghan McCain

The former cohost of The View penned a lengthy Daily Mail op-ed about the memoir. “Who are you, Harry? Well, I think Americans now know. And we’ve stopped buying what you’re selling. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Harry and Meghan are losing America. Ask yourself: why did Harry hold back these details about his brother until now? … The answer, in part, is obviously, money, honey,” McCain claimed on January 6.

Don Lemon

The news anchor called out Harry for going into detail about an alleged fight with his brother that got physical. “Everyone has a family. I have arguments in my family. Am I going to put that out there for the whole world to see?” Lemon said on CNN This Morning on January 5. “I just don’t understand why on Earth he would want to put that out there. I know he’s selling a book, but to me, it’s just gauche. This is not done. … What exactly is he achieving by airing the family’s dirty laundry? That’s [my] question.”


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