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(Scriptwriter expeditious) Okoronkwo Chinyere Maryjane: The day robbers made me wee wee @ Queen’s Lodge

Creekvives Dazzling Feb 23

Okoronkwo Chinyere Maryjane, a pureblood Imo State-born actress, and a screenwriter, hails from Oguta Local Government Area of the state.

The small but mighty author-entrepreneur is currently the customer service executive of United Airlines, Imo State station, the deft freelance actress attended Police Children School, Abosi and had her secondary education at Madona Model Secondary School, Owerri. As a brilliant student, she was admitted to Abia State University, and this will surprise you that she studied Industrial Physics, and graduated with 2nd class upper division from the Abia State citadel of learning.

The sociable Gemini was once a teacher at the Saint Michael Secondary school, Imo State, Akabo, teaching Sports, Chemistry, Physics, Physics practical and CCA, while teaching she won the best teacher award for straight two years.

She grew up with her other siblings, 3 pretty girls and 2 boys totaling six children.

The idea of writing scripts crept into her subconscious mind while she was in Junior Secondary School, (JSS 2), and she has succeeded in writing some novels and several movies, she has written a book accredited by West African Examination Council for Junior WAEC pupils.

The cheerful thespian also has to her credit; Unroyal (2020), A Call from the Past (2019), Love Eternal (2022), Cocaine in South Africa, and a couple of fantastic screenplays.

The young authorpreneur’s turning point came when she gained admission into the university and her part crosses with that of a director who saw her scripts and told her to screenplay them, the director gave her insights on how to go about them, and after screenplay, they were both impressed.

Maryjane with her methodical mind and knowledge has wrapped up a Youtube trending movie titled ‘Oh Blood Money’ produced under the stable of OG Best. She is a regular at Hephzee Films Production outfit, under the watchful eyes of our able cinematographer, Zion Onyeka.

The following Maryjane’s movies: ‘My Ex’, ‘Dead Man chest’, ‘Three Idiots’, ‘Matthias’, and ‘New Talent’ came to the fore under the auspices of Hephzee Films Production, due to job exigencies she has not explored her acting arts to the maximum. To her credits are also:

Golden fish
Deadman chest
Irresponsible mother
What a girl should know
Keke in South Africa
Dibia Onyeocha
Weeping love
Tears of Mercy
Live and let live
The Mascot
The Governor

The lead role she played in the movie titled; ‘Three Idiots’, shot her into prominence, the beautiful actress speaks Yoruba, Igbo, and English languages.

Her plan for the year 2023 is for her name to be written on a platter of Gold in the Nigeria Movie Industry.

At her leisure, she watches foreign movies where she gets inspiration and in-depth knowledge of her script paths.

The single but not searching beautiful actress who is aiming to learn more about cosmetology products took a few questions from CREEKVIBES OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS. Excerpt;

Between script writing and your office job, which one pays the bills?

The combination does not give me stress, so I can say both, I also have assistance, she does some of the screenplays at times with my directives.

How many of your written scripts have you featured in?

A lot of them.

Can we have some names?

‘Nwanyi Ocha’, ‘The Princess’, I was also in the three idiots, I played the lead character, wore four underwear panties and used a padlock to lock them up so that no one gets to the honey pot. I was featured in ‘Ganja Girls’, ‘40 days of Horror’, ‘Oh Blood Money’, and ‘Irreplaceable Value’, I usually combined my name Okoronkwo Maryjane Chinyere (MJC).

Going to location how do you coop?

My office is aware of my involvement in movie and script writing, but I have never abused those privileges, I used my leave and casual leave periods judiciously on locations.

What will you be doing in another five years?

I will be my boss and executive producer.

Do you have an award to your credit?

I don’t have any at the moment.

What is the relationship between you and your marketers?

Not bad, some of the marketers pay well, but in the end, they add their person’s name as the scriptwriter, I had issues with one of them, I wouldn’t want to mention his name, he is in Aba, I told him I want my credit, but he added his son’s name as the scriptwriter.

What did you do when you discovered you have been robbed, of your intellectual property?

I sued him, but in the end, we settled out of court.

Hepzibah movies CEO, Zion Onyeka has always given me my credits, even when he bought an expensive script from me. 

While growing up, what are the life-threatening events that you encountered?

While in University, 200-level to be precise robbers came to Queen’s Lodge, then I had a plump roommate with a big bum, she was two years ahead of me. As I was jittering, she said, ‘calm down’, is it not only rapping? We will throw legs apart, eheeen! As a virgin, I never wanted to hear such, although she never knew me to be a virgin.

I got admission quite young, so it was our turn, so the hefty robbers came into our apartment, I thought I was going to lose my virginity that day, weewee started rolling down my tights; down to my feet, one of them shouted; ‘What do you people have!’ I surrendered all I had, my laptop; my phone, one of the robbers who wore a mask started laughing he said, ‘oh girl you dey weewee?’ The weewee pumped out again, I was sweating profusely, I even said, oga I have money see it here, while my roommate was just lying on her bed unperturbed. God was so kind our room was the last one, so while they were shouting ‘lie down! lie down!’ we heard a police gunshot, and they started shouting ‘Ojo! Ojo!’ so they left in hurry with all that they’d collected from students.

It was around 3 am, so I called my papa in the church and told him to come, he came with group members of our evangelism team. I packed my things and I never wanted to return to school again.

My mother pleaded because my dad was late before my admission, mummy said, ‘don’t put me into shame biko.’ I lived in the church for a while.

I also had an experience on a movie set, I was given a call, to come to an audition and act and collect my money as fast one, I asked for details, but the guy said, it is an emergency, so I rushed down when I got to the location it was a hotel, so I was given the room key, so the guy came and asked me, if I want to act?

He thought I am a desperado, I said yes, and he said, I am going to give you to Chacha, I told him to hand me the script, and he said, ‘You are a script writer come and seduce him’, we were both in the hotel room. Lastly, he said, ‘I like your skin, your eye, can we be friends? ‘I will be giving you roles regularly.’

I told him that, I am not a desperate actress, I have written scripts, and given them to producers for free, and I only took choice roles in them, you can ask OG Best.

He said, ‘Odogwu’ and brought out his ‘odogwu’ and said, if we can both have five minutes play together. I quickly ranged the hotel bell, so they came, and I left the room, he was head down.

He then started threatening me, he said, he was going to send me on ‘acting oblivion’ and that he will ensure nobody patronises me again in the movie industry.

Your favourite music artists?

Wizkid, PSquare, Don Jazzy, and Rihanna.

In choosing a life partner, what are the qualities you look out for?

I don’t want to marry.

Why, do you want to be a  reverend sister?

The reasons are personal to me.

Favourite Igbo soup?

Oha with Apu

How do you relax?

Once I am home, I will take a shower and eat an apple, sometimes I do TikTok videos. (Laughs). 


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