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(Video) Hannah Cyril: A guy turned me down because I am an actress

Nollywood blooming beauty Chioma Hannah Cyril is a fresh graduate from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu. The pure-blood Udi LGA-born actress studied Mass Communication at the high-ranked citadel of learning situated at Ogui in her state of origin.

Hannay Cyril, as she is popularly called started displaying her acting intelligence at a young age through the church, and her primary school drama groups, she participated nonchalantly in her first Cinema movie titled ‘Unacceptable’ while in Senior Secondary Class 1 (SS1) in 2012.

The fast-growing thespian was one of the students on the set of Unacceptable, a movie that revealed the abusive nature of top ladies running brothel cartels pimping young ladies around for financial benefits.

Hannah Cyril who loves dancing is blessed with a striking figure compared to that of her elder sister, Destiny Etiko, an already established Nollywood super actress, Hannah’s parents have seven beautiful daughters which bestowed upon her the knowledge of a lady from a family of Nine which includes a mother and a father.

According to the thespian she had wanted to be a nurse as a science student, but she switched because she couldn’t get the desired admission, she re-write WAEC and added a few commercial subjects to enable her to have a stress-free switch, as at then she aimed to study International Relations, but a friend who knows her stage fecundity talked he intro picking up Mass communication form.

The Taurus played her first lead character on the set of ‘Change my World,’ and her second lead role came on the set of ‘Daughters of Eagle’, subsequently, she played a sub-lead on the set of; ‘International housemate’ and ‘The Betrayal,’ officially her third lead role will hit your screen this 2023.

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The product model who was featured in; ‘War Of The Princesses’, ‘Taste Of Royalty’, ‘Ugebemma’, ‘Widow’s Money’, ‘Clap Of Royalty’ and ‘The Prophet’ took a few questions from CREEKVIBES OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS. Excerpts;

When you started acting, what was the reaction of your parents?

I started acting when my father died.

Hoo! sorry, was he not in support of your acting career?

We are all churchy in my family, we detest anything ungodly when my sister Helen Cyril started her acting career my dad was like she might be wayward but then my sister has been a go-getter, whatever she wants she gets; she was able to convince my uncle and my dad, so they let go of her.

When I started, my mum was like, why does my elder sister want me to act in movies? Funny enough ,she gave me transport fare to attend my first audition, it was during my dad’s funeral, and she told me to be careful.

So when I started fully, shouldering sub-lead role and lead roles, my family members became my number one fan; my elder sister will start to cry if I am been maltreated in any movie, they usually take it personally, and they will even ask me if I will be maltreated in the movie so they don’t border watching it; they are that passionate; they motivate me a lot.

How will you rate your performance on the set of Unacceptable?

Smiles, to me it wasn’t a do-or-die affair it was what I like doing, so I was just catching fun.

How was your dexterity?

I did very well, Tony Umez was the principal on set, and the cast and crew were not sentimental, if I didn’t do well, I wouldn’t have gone far.

What are your plans for 2023?


More jobs, as we speak, I have been pencilled down for three jobs in January.

How was growing up?

Growing up in Nigeria has never been palatable 75% did not enjoy growing up. I can score mine on average.

Do you have any unpleasant experiences while growing up?

Laughter, I was scammed, that aside, while in the village during one of the Christmas periods, I went to play football with the boys so one of them played a shot straight to my face and it got my tooth, and it fell off then blood started gushing out of my mouth, ‘Ha ha’  I was so scared I thought it will never grow again, (general laughter), it wasn’t funny at all. I also had a Motor cycle exhaust burnt while in class six, I can’t even explain how it happened.

What is the kind of food you eat to main your shape?

I eat everything (laughs).

What are your goals in life?

To make money; be famous, and have a peaceful home.

What are the characteristics you expect in your ideal man?

I don’t expect much, I just want an understanding cute and responsible man, most likely some ladies don’t like a responsible man but when you start to raise children, that is when you will realise you need a responsible man.

Why do you think some ladies don’t like responsible men?

Perhaps they want to have fun for the rest of their lives; they want it crazy, it all depends on individual choices.

So when should your fans be expecting your wedding invite?

Laughter… it is personal.

In another five years, where will you be?

The name ‘Hannay Cyril’ will be a household name; God willing, I should have my family with my children outside the shores of this country and with other investments.

Have you had any regret in your chosen career?

No! Excerpt the criticism and jealousy we get from people around us, many don’t understand that what we act is not who we are, it is just we reeling out some characters to reflect the menace going on in society.

I got a turn-down from a guy simply because I told him I am an actress, he said, ‘sorry I don’t talk to an actress.’ It was a ruined date.

Can you give a little advice to a girl going into a relationship for the first time?

There is no rule in this game called relationship.

Can you share your experience?

I won’t share my experience, but I will give advice based on happenstances, in life, when you know what you want don’t allow people to determine your future you are the one to define yourself if you want to love a person. Love the person because of who you are and let them be themselves around you, do not fake a lifestyle that is not yours to impress anyone.

If you are the type that goes out a lot, and your spouse does not, you need to curtail your excesses for peace to reign. Pretending to live a life that is not yours won’t end well.

How often should a lady have sex in a relationship before marriage?

There is no rule to this, anything you want to do, do it, just do you, my choice in life is not your choice, what favours you do, there are men that will leave you for it, there are men that will value you for it. Don’t make people do you.

Can your worth be estimated to be a Million dollars or Five hundred Thousand Dollars?

It is personal.

What can you pinpoint has some of the risks you took to be this famous?

I can say skipping lectures to be on movie locations while in school and ended up having a carry-over, (laughs) and again acting in bushes to ensure the director gets the flare of what he wanted for his production. I have deprived myself a lot; I’ve lost close friends.

Your family members won’t get to see you as when they wanted to. I think I will call it sacrifices, not risk.

Who is your role model in the movie industry?

I look up to Stella Damasus, because time without numbers, I’ve heard that I look like her. I love the way she interprets her roles, while on the foreign scenes, I love Jennifer Lopez.

Can you mention the names of five actors you will want on the set of the first movie you will produce?

Laughs, my sister will be there, Destiny Etiko, Lizzy Gold, Frederick Leonard, Yul Edochie and Sam Sunny, ha ha, bringing them together will cost me a fortune.

Which is your favourite Nigerian food?

Laugher, I like Okpa, Oha soup with Apu, I also like Ofe-ede (mpoto)

Do you believe in miracle?

Yes, I do.

Have you experienced any?

Yeah, God saving my life.

Can you share?

When I am at a crossroads, He shows up over and over again, directing my steps to my expected ends.

Who are your favourite clothes designers?

I won’t narrow it down to any designer because I get anything I want that looks good on me.

Mention three favourite music artists.

Judikay, whenever I want to feel sassy, I listen to Ayra Starr, I love the kind of music Kiss Daniel plays and a couple of others; on the international stage, I like Hilton John.


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