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Anna Sorokin apologises as she goes to jail



If you think Nigerians are the only ambitious people read this>>

Under her assumed name Anna Delvey, Sorokin falsely claimed she had a multi-million dollar trust fund at her disposal, as she hired a private jet, attended elite parties, and lived in a luxury New York hotel. She maintained the scam for almost four years.

Meanwhile, prosecutors said, Sorokin had “not a cent to her name”.

Her father is reportedly a former trucker, who runs a heating-and-cooling business.

In court, her defence attorney, Todd Spodek, claimed that Sorokin had been “buying time” as she worked to pay back her debts. He maintained that Sorokin had no criminal intent but was instead an ambitious entrepreneur.

According to court documents, Sorokin used her phony persona as a German heiress with $60m in assets to try to get a loan of $22m for a foundation in her name. She presented forged bank statements and would deposit bad cheques, then withdraw the money before they bounced.

Prosecutors say she went on a one-month shopping spree, spending $55,000 on a luxury hotel, high-end fashion purchases, personal trainer sessions, and Apple, among other personal expenses.

Following a month-long trial, a jury convicted Sorokin on eight counts and was found not guilty of attempted grand larceny and stealing more than $60,000 from a friend who paid for a luxury holiday in Morocco.

Sorokin, 28, has been sentenced to at least four years in prison at Manhattan Supreme Court to between four and 12 years in prison. The actual amount of time she will serve behind bars will depend on factors such as her behaviour.