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My Life as a prostitute on the street of Sierra Leone

Confession of commercial sex worker on the streets of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone…

She was 14 years old when she went to the streets, that was when her mother threw her out.

Around 300,000 women work as commercial sex workers here in Sierra Leone, she narrated how a male customer assaulted her and left her with bruises on her face.

‘A guy they made love to me without condom and he refused to pay me, we had physical combat, be injured me and ran off with my money including my mobile phone.’ She said.

She normally had seven to eight customers every night, she continued.

‘For customer willing to make love without condoms I charge 50,000 Leones ($5.60), with condoms it is 25,000Leones ($3.10), sometimes you could be infected, I was infected with Gonorrhea by one customer…it was terrible, I also have dependants 2 sisters,’ she concluded. Translated from BBC by creekvibes analytical team.