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Amb. Chibuzor Patrick: Jack of all trades, master of all

Over 100 awards in her Kitty, yet not honoured by her state governor

Amiable Ambassador (Mrs.) Chibuzor Patrick is the President and Group CEO of Meljenstin Group of Services. She has a Masters in Business Administration, degrees in Theater Arts, Mass communication, Management and several certificates in public relations and other development courses. She was the Public Relations Officer of Julius Berger for several years. A professional public relations consultant, a script writer, an actress, a film producer an event consultant; a musician an author; a sought after motivational and inspirational speaker and entrepreneur of note. Aside all these, she is a caring mother and a loving wife. She is Godly, humble; her integrity and charisma speak volumes of her. She is a member of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations, (NIPR) and a fellow of Institute of Governance and Management. Oluwadamilare Daniels reports her exploits.

Can we meet you ma?
Ok, Ambassador Chibuzor Patrick, a multitask human being, an amiable fellow, a workaholic, someone that does things that she believes in irrespective of the scars that may come with it, she believes in giving her best to her country and the world at large.
Born into the family of Mr. and Mrs.?
Born into the family of Hon. Barr. (late) and Lady Mbaso, my mother is guidance counsellor and a proprietress.
How many of you are in the family?
Family of Six Happily married with Kids? Yes From Anambra? Yes How many honours have you to your credit?
I’ve lost count by now I think over 100.
Which one of the awards was amazing?
The one that actually touched me more was while I was in the university, I was very small I married quite early, while I was leaving they gave me ‘The Most Behaved Married Girl’.

Your educational background?
I’ve Masters in Business Admin, Mass Communication, Management, Theatre Arts from UNICAL.
Have you participated in any pageant before?
No, no not really, when passion drives you, there is no limit to what you can do, what we do here is not pageant per say, we do more of brain pageant than beauty pageant, we are more interested in the turning around for good, we don’t care if you are a prostitute; we don’t care if you are beautiful or fantastic; we are more interested in what you are going to become after coming to us, that is why we give this platform and make all our forms free. We are interested in teachable and trainable children to enable them to become a better person, if you are not in school/or a drop out, come and get to understand what it means to be your own person to know that when you become the real you, the thing that a man gives you will become a bonus not a determining factor; those are the kinds of girls we want, people that can stand on their own, that can say ‘never say never in life’.
This mustn’t be on a platter of gold but you must work it out. When adversity comes your way, it doesn’t sink you, what you do in life is what determines what you become and not what happens.

How did you get your Ambassadorial rank?

The fact that is, it has come so many times I’ve lost count. Am Ambassador of Peace and Unity, Ambassador for youth empowerment: then brand Ambassador for Bellhab Kleaners, Abuja etc.
The name Meljenstin Youth Empowerment Initiative, what does it represent?
It’s a combination of names because I needed something out of the box, I never wanted the conventional thing, the youth empowerment initiative is not stocked on something because every day the world revolves and there are so many things that are happening to different people, so we initiate something that we know will be beneficiary to the people; so we have ‘Youth Essay Competition’, more than four hundred and seventy secondary (470) schools in Lagos State participated both private and public and it’s on probono. I gave N100, 000, N70,000 and N50,000, now it’s about bringing back the reading culture. So, the essence is that so many people might not want to enter into it because they are intelligent but they will enter because they want to win the money and eventually they may win. It has writing essay and oral defence and it doesn’t matter how many students participated; all of them have equal opportunities. On the essay writing and oral defence, we create an atmosphere whereby we provide the topic on things that are affecting the masses e.g. ‘Is social media a welcome plus to youth education and moral or a minus with great consequences’. By the time they do this, they will establish many angles to this topic and it will stick to their brain.

This is another topic: ‘Explain the likely consequences of mass failure affecting the educational system and its effect on the youth’.The topics are for different local governments. This one is for Oyo:Oyo wrote on ‘Effects of half education on the youths and its havoc on National growth’. Now imagine how many thousands of students writing this essay bringing out the consequences. This one is: ‘The role of integrity and accountability in nation’s leadership’, this is a preparatory for them against tomorrow. This gave them in-depth research findings. This one is on ‘The impact of corruption on national growth and economic development’; ‘The effect of poor power supply in sustaining quality education and the future of Nigerian youth’; ‘The challenges of the environment for national development’, to mention a few…All these topics are for public and private schools in different local governments. Amazingly, all the schools participated simultaneously. In some local governments, 70 schools, others like 63 schools participating. We bear the brunt, no sponsors, we printed the forms, we make it available for free and sent to these schools; we even went as far as begging them to write and we ensured that schools don’t give us their best because most schools have selected students that represents them in competitions. We did this because some students might not be good in writing essay but may be fantastic in oral, that is why we make this platform available for all students.

Some of these students could be broadcasters tomorrow, by the time they do this critical research and analysis, the knowledge will stick to them and knowledge is not what you can take away from anybody no matter how hard you try.For example in Ojo Local Government, a student that wasn’t even participating challenged me. He said: ‘You see that money, am going to win it’.He went reading, of course, he came 2nd and I was so proud of him. There was a day I was walking someone off along Agboju, I saw some boys apparently they were talking about me pointing towards my direction and suddenly one of them summoned up courage and came to me, and sure of my identity, he turned to his friends and screamed: ‘She is the one, I told you’. Before I knew what was happening, they all came and were talking about my Essays that they have written and how it shaped their lives and they’ve gotten admission into different higher institutions. One said: ‘maam, your essay shaped me’. These are the kind of things that inspires me to do more not because I have but because the passion is beyond me.

What’s next on the shelf?
‘Say no to drug addiction’, United Nation (UN) does it every June, so it depends on what I want to do. I could do road walk on it, I could do conference on it, I could do seminar or school tour on it, because the toga surrounding it must be removed. Our youths are lost already because parents don’t have it any more, and you can’t give what you don’t have. Sorry to say, most of the parents are coming from beer parlour/clubs. There is a difference between nature and nurture. In my sojourn so far, I’ve seen children that have not heard that this thing they indulge in is bad; nobody has ever tried to shape them up and the moment they get it straight they will adjust and become fantastic. I’ve seen cases like that. There was a school I went to share flyers on addiction and the principal started screaming because the picture of the girl puffing smoke on the flyer was a student of that school. I was told that the girl has a group and has corrupted many helpless students. That school alone brought over 100 students for that programme. One day a school principal in Agboju called me to come and see students smoking across the fence. I said: ‘you are the principal of that school, do you know that your job is like that of a pastor? The soul of every child in that school is in your hand, you have the authority to invite the police, you don’t want to die, but you are calling me to come and do what?’
In trying to make impact to change the world, we’ve done movies. Impact goes in through different channels, some could not read but they can watch movies and get our messages. We pass messages through songs too because I believe for every life that I touch, I’ve touched 50 in disguise. I target individuals one-on-one because if he/she gets it right, we can affect your family, family to neighbour, neighbors to the community it’s a chain, it goes on like that.
Charity ball was held last March where we empowered the Widows, aged, physically challenged, payment of school fees for orphans, giving sewing machine to people, crutches were given out because these people are in need; all these are under our initiative because if a youth is fine, the society is fantastic, it takes a bad child to have a bad girl or boy; it takes a bad girl to have a bad wife, it takes a bad boy to have a bad husband. So it begins with the child, it revolves. I also raised funds for down syndrome. Children to go to Indian for corrective surgeries under the charity ball.

How do you know that these people are genuine?

Some people are fake but there are genuine cases, so many people are suffering, there was this lady that lost her husband two years after marriage. She was 25, we gave her nylon sealer so she could start doing something. In the rural community, they know each other, we try to get to the grassroots, to those who couldn’t feed at all.
What is Buzopat all about?
Buzopat is a coinage from Chibuzor and Patrick, Buzopat is a brand on its own.
Concerning the Miss Motivational Nigeria Brain Pageant, what are the prizes for the winners?
We are not particular about the prizes, we want transformation, our forms are free, we only give them what we could get from our sponsors, we have ready online professionals to tutor them on character and mould them about things concerning life… in a nutshell I don’t want money to be the determining factor. One of my former queens who entered into another pageant shared her experience with me on how she was given a target of N500,000. Now, this is where the corruption sets in, those participants will sell tickets for tables, pay for camp and form, then afterwards, they will be unleashed to go after money bags to meet targets. By the time she won and be going about with her crown, you won’t know that she had already been exposed to the risk we try to shield them away from. The fact is, most of those that does beauty pageant are after their selfish interests. I’ve crowned queen where the crown had been sold before the grand finale. She might have met the target by sleeping around with men but little did she know that she had lost more than target and after the pageant, she will be forgotten. If you want to correct a norm, you have to do something different, what we are looking for is to mold a better person. I took care of every bill because am interested in their future. I said to them: ‘the moment you start to do something without financial attachment, it is then you start to grow, because if am looking at the gain, I won’t keep you because I really don’t know who you are… but every one of you who have deserved to win have won, my judges are not influenced’. On-line courses that I spent millions to acquire through rigorous day and night lectures, I let it out to those girls at no cost for them to be a better person in the society. Whenever they are in cam, I usually contact different professionals to come and speak with them on everything that will shape them into being an ambassador of grace, provided they are teachable and trainable because if they become a woman of their own men will beg them.

While you were in the University, did you exhibit trait of charity?

In fact, in my family, charity is our 2nd nature. I could remember then, we normally tease my mum about the disabled people she brings home and provide food for. Even my dad will tell them: ‘you people are going, you’ve not taken drink, come and drink before going’. In Nsukka, my mum brings in horridly looking people, and at a point we got used to it. So things I do surprises people around me and I don’t feel bad about it. I spent weeks in one of the communities I went, I could not help it as terrible cases were coming in until I was exhausted financially. I had to charter taxi home and that will never stop me from doing more.
This job is devastating but, I thank God for grace and family upbringing. Like I said to people: ‘If you could not instill good morals in that child you’ve got by age ten then, you have missed it’. That child will be respectful; contented and know what self-esteem is; have fear of God; say the truth; know what it means to care for less privileged/aged and to know what family bond is all about. These are tied to between age one to ten. After ten, secondary school comes with peer pressure, and if he is not consolidated from home, when cigarette comes, he won’t be able to resist it, same to alcohol. Apart from that, he can do what every other children are doing.

The Buzopat Charity ball is it tied to a particular location?

No! I do it in different locations.
Do you have international role model?
You see unintelligent people gave birth to me.
You can’t say that?
Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire or not, if you are not intelligent, you will be repulsive, it takes a lot to talk intelligently, that is why I spent more time building intelligent people, spending money in educating young people, I talk to people about ‘swat analysis’ your strength, your weakness, your opportunities and the rest. I always say that it’s those things you do effortlessly that are your strength; it will determine how successful you will become; the opportunities you will have are tied to your strength, and the things that will affect your destiny is tied to your weakness, A connection can take you to the pinnacle, but without character, you crash to pieces. Without character, there will not be sustainability. I’ve never been in competition with anybody because it doesn’t work, I believe in what God has deposited in me and what I can do. For instance, a lady that receives different gifts. from her husband- bags, shoes money etc and a lady that is single handedly raising her family through her business, who do you think will be a better person?

Have you ever been honoured by your state governor?

They made me the Adadioramma of the state not from the governor. Passion for the needy drives me, am not really after any award.
How do you relate with top officials who want more than being a friend?
Things that I say no to maybe things that a competitor is saying yes to. What you need to know in life is yourself, who needed to be trained is yourself, what you need to believe is in yourself because what you are is what is going to come up when you meet the most gullible. I don’t believe in shouting or rushing to press, talking about men harassment, there is nothing like men harassment. If you are available, you will be harassed, if you are not available, you will talk to them. These are emotional things, some men are used to women harassing them. So. when you meet such people, all you need to do is prove to them that you are not one of them and you will earn their respect.
How do you relax?
Do you know what relaxation means to me? Its peace of mind. The truth is that I am so chocked up with activities, the principles that kept me out of trouble; ‘too many associations produces a lot of trouble, too much availability produces a lot of problems,’ it is not about what you say, it is about the people you talk to. The best way of life is make your unit very small and ensure it does not stop your social life. In short, my day belong to others and my night belong to my job. I live on supplement to beef up.

What’s the secret of your ever young looks?

Its nature.
Thank you for making out time for Ceekvibes, hope to see you some other times…have a wonderful day.

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