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Buzopat MMNB Pageant Queen, Nafisat won MWFAQI 2019

Buzopat is thrilled by her queen who just won MISS WORLD  FACE OF AFRICAN QUEEN INTERNATIONAL 2019 with a car gift benefit. Nafisat won  2017/2018 MISS MOTIVATIONAL Nigeria Brain Pageant.

Miss Motivational Nigeria brain pageant is a free form pageantry that promotes confidence, intelligence, determination and good orientation.  “It’s more about brain than beauty, it’s our NGO’s special youth empowerment project to groom our girls with leadership qualities that’s why the forms are free for only trainable and teachable young ladies.” Ambassador Buzopat said,  “I am so proud with the transformation witnessed so far since 2016, it’s been magical but so real, we are not interested in how you used to be, but very much interested in what you are going to become. The platform is one of my gift to this Nation.” She concluded.