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Dollargirl: I can pose nude for $1billion

‘Swaggalicious’ Dollar Girl

In this cover interview, we present to you, our distinguished teeming readers, an amiable, daring, smart and upwardly mobile personality, Billy Tracy also known as Dollar Girl from Odimodi in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State. She is currently working on her next album which will be released in 2020. In this engaging interview, she opens up on how ‘show promoters’ in Nigeria relate with female artiste as sex tool.


Oluwadamilare Daniels is my name from CreekVibes Magazine…

Good morning Mr Daniels, my name is Miss Billy Tracy, I’m a native of Odimodi, which is a community within the Burutu LGA of Delta State. That said; I’m an Izon girl, who is building a career in music, acting and entertainment in general.

Educational background?

I did my primary and secondary education at Odimodi… And later did an OND (Ordinary National Diploma) at Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku. Then, I branched into hair making/styling…

Born into the family of Mr and Mrs?

Mr and Mrs Billy, both from Odimodi community.

Have you experienced situations where you feel you were treated as a lesser artist simply because of your gender?

As a matter of fact, I will say yes. This is because most event planners and even show promoters see one as a sex tool; and when they are turned down, they feel bad and sometimes try to undermine one. But so far so good, the industry is making more sense everyday.

Have you ever been in situations where you felt that being a female artiste actually worked in your favour?

Yes… It’s not always on the negative side… There has been some glorious days as a female artist.

Is your music classified as Gospel HIP hop?

My music is more of Afro pop, or hip life sort of.

I listened to one of your tracks and enjoyed how you Rap. What’s the inspiration behind your rapping skills?

I like trying out new things in music. So this minute, I’m doing Dance, the next thing, I’m rapping.

So the concept is: I don’t want to be boxed in a corner of music or entertainment.

Have you had any embarrassing moment on your line of duty or elsewhere? Where and when?

Okay, this part I’ve not really experienced… Right from my very first performance… I was appreciated… And it has been coming better and better.

What drew you to the music industry?

Okay, this is an actual story. In the year 2013, I had a hair dressing saloon, but in the later part of that year, I started seeing myself singing in my dreams. And the song was: ‘My back’. Which I recorded in 2014 as my very first single.

Who or what inspired you?

And as per my inspiration, I get inspired by real life issues; my environment inspires me.

If not music what would you have done best?

Probably hair styling or mass communication.

What’s an average day like for you?

Average day…?

Write music; do my performance rehearsals; do a meeting or two; go to the studio and attend to some fans that will never let my private phone line rest.

How many collabos have you got to your credit?

Collaborations… Have a handful of that. To name a few:





Federal J

And others.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety like tension?

Hmmmmm sometimes… But fact is, I am hardly tensed when it comes to performance.

Tell me about your favorite performance venues…the show you enjoyed most?

This one plenty oh.

So, identifying one performance as being favorite is difficult. It has always been awesome… Lagos, Abuja, Kogi, Imo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta State and all over; the love has been massive. I must say.

Have you got any scandal?

No. Thank God for the team he gave me. We do what we have to. To avoid any form of negative publicity or scandals.

What are the five things you can’t live without?


Good food


The stage/ My fans

My writing pad and phone for recording every inspiration as they drop.

How you interact with your male fans who want to start relationship with you?

That part is the most difficult I must say. Everybody wants to get your full attention; not minding what you have at hand doing. But we thank God it has been smooth so far.

Are you in a relationship?

Right now… No

What do you expect in your ideal man?

I be happy girl oh… No troubles.

How many awards to your credit?



Best upcoming female artist 2015;

Quincy Black entertainment: Best video 2019.

More power to your elbow

Thanks Sir.

How did you feel after winning the award?


Which one is the most important?

To me they are both important. At least before the very big ones starts coming in.

What would be your number one piece of advice to girls who just started the rhymes, making beats or spinning records in their bedrooms?

Never stop pushing. And be very careful with the guys. They can destroy your career. Yes they can.

Do you agree that everyone has got a price?

Yes I do believe that.

How much could make you pose nude?


Lots of laughter…I think that can buy my sanity back.

You are really Dollar girl!

How will you describe yourself in a fashion sense?

I’m not a fashion freak. But I do try my best to come out good.

Who are your favourite clothes designers, wristwatches, shoes, bags etc?

I don’t have favorites… If it’s looking good and fits well, I’m game.

Your Nigeria and international role models…why?

Nigeria… Timaya… The Bros get the talent…

International?  Rihanna… She is an awesome entertainer.

Your record label?

I’m not signed to any label at the moment.

Your next album?

My next album will be in 2020.

How many albums so far?

I have two albums so far

With over 38 tracks.

Wao that is awesome!

How do you unwind?

A good plate of Izon spec of Banga soup and a bottle of Coke.

A word for your fans?

To all my fans: I love you guys very much and I will not stop making you guys happy.

This is a very good interview, you are brilliant.

You are very welcome Sir.

Do have a nice day and God bless you and the works of your hands.

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