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Gas Utilisation in Nigeria

By Alphonsus Effi

The technical symposium on gas utilisation in Nigeria was recently held at oriental Hotel (Ball room) Lekki, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
The brain storming session was chaired by Engr. O. Akinwummi who represented his MD/CEO of Total who was on a special assignment, while other members/contributors present were Dr. Timothy Okon, who gave the keynote address and talked about the need for government to encourage the gas sector by allowing price of gas to be free of beurocratic bottlenecks and allow the interplay of competitive price modalities to dictate the pace in the Gas sector, thus, allowing Macro-economic tendencies to develop the Gas market in Nigeria likewise, the necessary infrastructural developments that needs the overwhelming involvement of state support due to the huge capital requirement needed in building infrastructures that most private firms cannot single handedly manage.
Mr. T. Akinwummi, enthused the gratitude of TOTAL Plc. in sponsoring the occasion also highlighting Total’s involvement in Up steam activities, where She has maintained a steadfast partnership with Nigeria and other industries in Oil and Gas where She holds 15% interest in LNG and 40% in oil. Consequently, investing in the upstream cleaner field of water concession, support programmes in HEALTH sector as well as economic value in safety and ministerial protection. Downstream, She has over 570 service stations where consumer needs are met. Examples, gas, lubricants, car care among others. He also emphasised Total’s support on amount basics of all SPES and the historical sponsor of Oloibiri technical meetings and presentations.
Mr. Okechukwu of SEPLAT made it clear that issues in the power sector must be cleared to pave way for the Gas plants to run successfully. According to him, traffics are not market reflective that is why there is need for government to cover the gap. Invariably, prepaid meters must be deployed fast enough to regulate the gas scheme in order to improve the gas industry. Alongside, the discovery of new market like the AKEKE pipelines to be distributed to more areas of the country. Whereas, Mrs. I Okon of the I.F.C in her argument reflected that the Gas sector is central to the agenda of developing Nigerian Gas industrialisation. According to her, Nigeria has been de-industrialised for the past 15 years, denying Nigeria the necessary foreign exchange to improve the economy, the Gas industry is the main catalyst to improve the fertilizer industry.
The president of Nigeria Gas Association Mrs. Ozeigbo also re-echoed the important role of Natural gas to the economic/industrial growth of the nation. Conversely, the CHEVRON contributor – Mr. James Okereke representing his MD, echoed that Gas, though good amount of Gas is discovered in Nigeria but the statistics are still at potential level and needs to be practicalising to yearning objectives.
Like we know, investors are looking for value for money thus; all players in the sector must develop a collaborated mind set to use the gas. In conclusion, S BOT – Chiarman Engr. A Olotu proclaimed the importance of fiscal rules and solicited the adherence of government to the rules. As well as calling for the critical assessment of domestic gas that are sold and consumed.
The symposium finally came to conclusion after a very critical brain storming and interactive section with closing remarks from the council chairman M.D FAGBE MI.