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PRINCESS LEE: I expect a man who is hard working, humble and God fearing

Needs sponsorship for movie production…

Anambra State-born actress, Barrister Lilian Umenwa is a known face in the music and movie industry, versatile and delectable Lilian is also known as Princess Lee, she is a practising lawyer, a producer, actress, musician and a model.
In this chat with Creekvibes she talked about her music career, Nollywood and her prowess so far in her chosen careers.

Educational background…course in the university?
I graduated as a law student and attended law school in Abuja, I am currently practicing. I had a diploma in Public Administration and Local Government PALG in University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). I also had a one year course in Estate Management.
Born into the family of?
Well, I am born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Boniface Umenwa, a family of seven.
Have you experienced situations where you feel you were treated as a lesser actress simply because you are not yet a screen goddess?
I have not had such experience, maybe because I started music early. I came into the movie industry not as green horn.
How many album to your credit?
I have 4 albums, currently making waves in the market.
Does being an actress, open doors for you?
Yes it does, but now my focus is to become a celebrity.
People do call me for modelling jobs, adverts placement on products, some artist feature me in their albums. So being an actress leads to many other things.
What is your take on Nollywood?
Nollywood is a good place to be. Moreover, it is an amazing experience to me
How many movie have you featured in?
Though, I didn’t start my carrier as an actress. It was music first and due to my education I wasn’t constant appearing in movies. I joined Nollywood recently. I have featured in many movies and soaps.
Do you also produce and direct Movies?
Yes, I recently started producing and directing movies.
How many to your credit?
Like soap opera ‘Angel Cross’, ‘Sisters Clash’, ‘Chetachi’, ‘Cry of The Helpless’, ‘To Hell With You Handsome’, ‘Fight To Death’ etc The recent soap opera is Monalisa which is coming up soon.

Do you have a political ambition?
Yes. But now my focus is to become a celebrity

Have you had any embarrassing moment?
Well… yes, but it was quite funny. Oh my God. I was quite new in the industry and I was also younger. On one occasion when I climbed the stage people started shouting ‘Chinwe ike Resonance!’ I was so embarrassed. Sometimes when I walk on the street, children will just hold my hand and start singing my song ‘Chim di egwu.’ for me as if we were in studio together.
What drew you into music?
I love music a lot, especially when I watch people like Don Moen, Cece Winnas, Women of Faith sing.
Who inspired you?
A lot of artists and musicians did, they encouraged me a lot. At a point I began to realise that I could be useful to myself and the society at large. All I have to do is to use my talent, my spirit, soul and body to praise God.
Your best five actors or actresses?
Best actors and actresses? I love them all they are doing great. I appreciate them all.
If not acting what would you have done best?
Well, apart from acting I think I would’ve become a full time model.
Please explain your creativity process?
I think my creativity, innovation and inspiration comes from God.
What inspires your music composition?
I sleep and wake up with new inspiration and creativities. I write and screen play movies. I also compose my music lyrics too.
Have you been in any form of trouble or scandals?
No, I have not been in any trouble, glory be to God.
What is an average day for you like?
Every new day is a gift from God. So, I take it has it comes. Tomorrow is another day.

What are the five things you can’t live without?
I can’t live without praising and worshiping God with songs.
Are you married?
No, I am not married.
On set, which actor will you prefer to act ‘Lovey Dovey’ with?
Well I don’t act deep romance scenes because I know I would need to make it look real, moreover, one don’t sometimes choose who to act with.
What is your take on Big Brother Naija ‘pepper dem’ edition?
Well on the BBNiaja, I don’t follow it due to my time factor.
What do you expect from your Ideal man?
I expect a man who is hard working, humble and God fearing.
How many award have you got to your credit?
I have gotten so many awards on my first album titled ‘Chimdiegwu’ and I recently joined the movie industry.

Which one is most fascinating?
The most fascinating is the one I got from my song titled ‘Wounded heart’ it was so touchy, and an epic sound track titled ‘Nne dim’ which is on YouTube and in the market.
What is next on the shelf?
Well I am working on three movies I need to produce. It will be so captivating and motivating. The script and the casts are down to earth. What I’m actually looking at is sponsorship. Anyone interested can contact me ASAP.
I’m also planning a soap opera.

Thanks for your time, do have a great day, God bless.