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Pst Chuddy Reveals the Relationship Between him and Bishop David Oyedepo

Recounts circumstances surrounding his birth

Eloquent Pastor Chuddy Nwamelaku, the Founder and General Overseer of Rockside Gospel Church, a.k.a. tabernacle of The Holy Spirit, is a graduate of Mass communication from The Institute of Management Technology, (IMT) Enugu, he is the last child from a family of Seven, a trained Journalist. In this chat with Oluwadamilare Daniels, he shed light on the relationship between him, Archbishop Benson Idahosah and Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel.
The Anambra State-born preacher, had also worked in the banking sector before God called him into ministry.

How many years on the pulpit?
I have been in ministry for the past 15 years. I have spent eight years on pulpit as a stationed pastor.

Circumstances surrounding your birth?
Each time I decide to share the circumstances surrounding my birth, I do it with passion, you know I won’t be able to give detailed information on my birth history but I was told the story. My immediate elder brother is 15 years older than I.
My mother had stopped conception, along the line my father, late Pa Samuel Onyejieke Ezenwamelaku who had encountered Jesus Christ early, a man filled with Holy Ghost and tongue speaking strength had a revelation through a vision that one of his sons is still coming.
My mother having giving birth to six children did not key into that idea she was of the opinion that if any child is coming my father should be the one to carry that child throughout its gestation period, eventually she succumbed and before they knew what was happening she took in and that was how I came.
On the day of my birth they found it very challenging because the baby was not forth coming, 7th day of her travail the doctors requested my father to sign the necessary document for them to carry out a Cesarean operation (CS) which my father declined having seen the condition of his wife, to him signing that document is more or less signing a death warrant, so the man disappeared from the seen.
My mother summoned all the strength within her to sign the document for the operation to be carried out, I don’t know if that is allowed in the medical but the story was that she was allowed to sign.
The CS was conducted and I came, the doctors that operated on my mother were medical missionaries.
They were all Irish priests, they said they had some experience while in theater that this child is a special child with a special mandate to serve God. So, they insisted that my parents must name me that same day, so I was the only one named the day of his birth in my family, the 24th of September.

What are the challenges of a preacher on the pulpit and the home front?
Challenges of a preacher is transverse. A preacher is like a mother everyone looks up to and you are expected to leave above all board, the measure that will not be given to other people with be given to you because you are seen as a person that dines and commune with God. Preachers have a lot of challenges when it comes to dealing with people, facing their spiritual challenges because every member has one challenge or the other, it may be physically of spiritually.
Every preacher must have proposals spiritually and physically, you really can’t put a limit to the challenges a man on the pulpit face, they also face both internal and external, as a preacher you are expected to live above all in the church; place of work; in your immediate community; in your family.
You could be in a certain place and you think people don’t know you, the next thing you hear is somebody calling you ‘pastor’ across the road and if you are not properly seated you will arrange yourself because all eyes are on you, actually it is not easy to be a preacher, time may not permit me to explain in details the challenges man on the pulpit faces on daily bases spiritually and physically.

Your spiritual fathers are?
I came from a very powerful spiritual lineage. I am so proud of my background. Everyone God created has a lineage. For those who know me very well, knows I have a spiritual grandfather and a spiritual father, my spiritual grandfather if Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory I call him the ‘lion of Benin’, my spiritual father is Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo. In a nutshell all, my major Christian experience was under Bishop Oyedepo, it was under him I gave my life to Christ, baptized by immersion and trained as a pastor; I was ordained under him; I served in Winners Commission before God took me out of the commission for further assignments.
I will also not forget Pastor Emmanuel Philips, who God used in no measure in giving my calling a direction and platform. I served in his church, Divine Increase Assembly for close to six years.
That was before God commissioned me for an independent ministry.
I am committed to Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, It was in winners the first oil was poured on my head it was from there I started functioning as a pastor for the first time in my life up till today am still committed to his ministry.

How do you manage distraction while on the pulpit?
If I start to tell you this is how I manage distraction while preaching I am not telling the truth. The truth is that each time I mount the podium, the Holy Spirit in me takes over and begin to speak through me, those words from the pulpit are not my words they are from the Holy Spirit. I don’t know most of the words I say on d pulpit, sometimes when I step down, somebody could just refer me back to my preaching, I will start asking question ‘When did I say that?’.

So, when it comes to distraction, the personality that is guiding me is the one that takes care of the distractions.

What inspires your topic?
Holy Spirit.
In the course of Rockside Gospel

Church, how many major miracles have you recorded?
I can’t put a figure to it, when this church started there was a pastor assigned to be in-charge of writing down God’s miracles (testimonies). After 6-month when we open the book we saw so many and at a point they became so much that the, pastor couldn’t write them down anymore. Which do we record, daily or weekly? Testimonies comes in every day. Right now, we can’t put a figure to what God has been doing through Rockside Gospel Church, to us every day is a plus, a lot of ground breaking miracles has happened home and abroad and it is still happening and it will continue to happen. We return all the glory and adoration to God Almighty. God is the doer of them all.

Behind every successful man they say, there is a supporting wife. Can we know a little about her?
My beautiful wife, her name is Mrs. Jane Nwamelaku, a very beautiful woman in whom I am well pleased. Funny enough we are from the same state, a very quiet person.
I am an extrovert so, sometimes I shield my wife from the public aspect of my life, because the way God structured and wired me, I always deal with the public but she is a very private person but my ministry has brought her to this, she has been a very good support.
In fact, I’ll say some of the things God has helped us to do wouldn’t have been possible if not for her support, she has made my job so easy that I am not feeling the pressure the way I should.

Where will you want your ministry to be in another four or five years?
I want this church to be represented in the six continent of the world in another five years. Why? It is because of the passion I have for my assignment, I am a missionary by calling, I was called to reach the world.
I think I will be so fulfilled if, in another five years this great commission can reach other continents.

What message do you have for upcoming pastors?
They should trust in God, they cannot do this job without him. We are living in a generation where people expects more from pastors, people are almost turning pastors to what they are not, they should take it easy, submit themselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit and allow God to lead them in every decision they make as ministers and pastors.
The Bible said no one can do this Job except the father has sent him. God that gave us this mandate will surely keep His work, in as much as you labor in the vineyard. My advice to them is to rely on God, depend on him solely, once these is taken to heart, the sky is their limit.

Thanks you very much for your time sir. Do have a great day, happy Sunday.
Bless you.