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Serving with godfatherism, Hatred and Unfaithfulness Must Change


Politicians in Nigeria, have turned politics into an object of worship. Therefore, abandoning the beautiful ideals and progressive intent of the positive legacy laid down by our respected past political heroes. Most of the politicians today, junket from one party to another without stable political base like prostitutes/sex vendors in search of better services.

No doubt, politicians are better referred to as political prostitutes. They are classified into two segments. The professionals and career politicians and kooky politicians with little or no political knowledge. The professional politicians are born into politics within their dynasty, while others are political dreamers with a desire to become political players with no good intention and achievement drive.
A political aspirants mostly are not sincere, like the student who has his/her hope during, the examination period built on expo in order to cheat to pass the exams. So also, majority of the politicians believe in rigging, snatching of ballot boxes and killing during elections.
Politicians could be likened to children who are loved by their parents due parental unconditional attachment. They don’t have self-confidence, they’ve got no independence but a strong belief on god fatherism, hoping to be installed whether the results from the polls favour them or not.
Now, we are talking about the next level a “Slogan” created by APC to continue to impoverish the masses with hunger, unemployment, and poverty. Even with the recently declaration that ‘Boko Haram has been tactically and technically defeated’ yet news filters daily on Boko Haram mayhem wreckage in the North-East.
Also, armed Herdsmen, are busy slaughtering people in most villagers in the middle belt axis with no culpable consequences.
Since, the ‘Next Level’ slogan has started can this administration define it to Nigerians in concrete terms or demonstrate practically their promises.
The way one thinks that is how inevitably it reflects in one’s lifestyle both home and abroad. So, politicians believe in the winner takes all, else blood must flow irrespective of who is involve, stories of some notable politician who have lost their lives as a result of their political ambition is fresh in our minds.
Therefore, it’s a difficult huddle for Nigerian politicians to embracing faithfulness, sincerity and to deliver their political manifesto which they had use as a tool to cajole hungry electorates to secure their votes.
Leadership they say is by example, politician should set the pace as lawmakers in speech and conduct so that an upward, progressive and faithful society can be guaranteed for future generation leaders, just as the lubricant oil, oiling the machinery of human relations, notable of worthy statesmanship which our children can emulate.
Most of the politicians have failed their constituencies with no presence of development. They are negative in their thoughts, selfish and doubtful by their character with a defeatist approach to what could profit humanity. Most of the governors owe salaries with no sympathy to the workers, they are always in the habit of vying for a second term excitedly, majority of them are there to count number with little or no positive impact on their communities and Nigeria at large.
Most of them own private jets and neglected their people to die in penury little did they know that the luxury will be short-lived. They are the bastion of corruption with a deadly desire to chase power and grab it by all means.
Nobel Laureate Professor, WOLE SOYINKA, a critic and an international figure, lashed at politicians over their idolization of the American Green Card expressing disgust at the idolization of the scheme. Prof. Soyinka described as unfortunate, the way our politicians behave when it comes to handling international politicians, not minding the sub-regional challenges of security in Africa; weak federal government structure terrorism; Kidnapping, and alarming poverty.

Truly, the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), and former governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Sen.), said the ruling party will not abandon the ideals of the party, that himself and some politicians in the country including PDP stalwarts among others are hell bent and committed to moving the country forward pointing out that the national purpose of the APC is bigger then the desire of any individual and it is for the betterment of the people during a political forum recently having said much.
Are we seeing the reward of democracy dividends, is it rubbing off on the masses?
With a population of 180 Million, that has a steady growth rate, urbanisation, industrialisation, including globalisation, are the challenge of minimum life style pattern, sustainable living is getting more complex by the day, averagely 5 Nigerians fall in to abject poverty in approximately every 10, 10 minutes.
In most cities generator usage is on a geometric increase in Nigeria due to unavailability of power supply and the sitting governors, do less or nothing to clean up the environment. Statistics, showed that waste generators in Lagos and Kano per day is on an alarming.
Nigeria is endowed with fertile lands that enable farming nearly-all year round, this land is also home to the best specie of fruits and crops. It is rich in oil, much as in agricultural produce, with solid minerals deposits in most states of the federation. Why are we suffering?
Senators employ padding of budget, looting and ungodly allowances, nepotism, messianic complex and all other factors drawing Nigeria back.
Like any other nation in the world, Nigerians and its politicians has her own share of internal tensions nearly threatening the foundation of the country, such as religious rebellions, political riots, Boko Harem insurgency and renewed agitations for secession in parts of the country.
Nigeria’s History is replete with complaints of discontentment, therefore, enough is enough for our politicians, bearing in mind we share the same ancestry, diversities and afflictions and with a resolve not to surrender to the evil plots of external forces.
Nigerian’s in diaspora can continue to humiliate their political leaders like common criminal out of the shores of this country. Enough! The suffering of our heroes past shall not be in vain.