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Ex-Banker Launches Book on Marriage without tears

Book review

By Anthony Okechukwu, Lagos

A new book with the title: ‘Marriage Without Tears’, written by a former banker, Apostle (Dr.) Stephen Okonkwor Nwawolo was launched on the Sunday, 1st September, 2019 at Jesus Saves Church, 25 Yakubu Street, Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos State.
The launch of the 218-page book segmented into 27 Chapters, attracted people from all walks of life.
Speaking on the unveiling in Lagos, the author, Dr Nwawolo said the book is written to the glory of God and for the continuous benefit of everyone that would engage in mar-riage in a life time in accordance with the will of God.
According to him, ‘Marriage Without Tears’ is to give useful guidance to what marriage should be as marriage is the first institution ordained by God, which should be hal-lowed, honoured and enjoyed in line with God’s principles and purposes for setting it up.
“It is a love covenant binding two unrelated opposite gender (male and female) with God at the centre”, the author said.
Dr Nwawolo who is also a senior minister in Jesus Saves Church decried the situation whereby some marriages in most parts of our societies have been bewildered with so many challenges, full of sorrow and tears.
Some of such marriages, he said, have caused so much pain and damages as a result of irreconcilable differences leading to constant hatred, misunderstandings, black-mails, quarrels, fights, domestic violence, infidelity, frustrations, psychological/spiritual traumas, litigations, break-ups, and even death occasionally.
In order to put an end to many of these challenges and factors as well as wipe away resulting tears, Dr Nwawolo said that the book has become necessary so as to provide much guidance, perceived questions and answers to address some likely burning is-sues resulting to these ugly experiences in marriages.
Apostle (Dr.) Stephen Okonkwor Nwawolo is an ordained Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the anchor of Trueway Ministry, an e-evangelistic network for soul winning and other cares of life. He is a senior minister in Jesus Saves Church, Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos State of Nigeria. He is a non-compromise long standing servant of God who has remained within the ambit of Christian Evangelism and Pastoral duties based on Christ’s Doctrine for over two decades. He is a Cleric, Lecturer, Marriage and Educational Counsellor.

He has been a renowned marriage counsellor both within the church circle and out-side. His God-given counselling wisdom, knowledge and skills had resulted to multiple happy homes continually of which testimonies are outpouring to the glory of God. He has conducted series of successful wedlock at different times and places. He is also by the grace of God enjoying a blissful marriage spanning up to twenty-five years with his spouse.

He is from Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha-South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nige-ria. He attended Isho Primary School, St. Anthony’s College and Anglican Grammar School respectively in Ubulu-Uku. He obtained Diploma in Data Processing from Uni-versity of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos; BSc in Sociology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Aw-ka, Nigeria; BSc in Theology from Key to Life Bible College & Theological University, Lagos; Post Graduate Diploma in Education from National Teachers Institute, Kaduna; MSc and PhD in International Business from Wisconsin International University, USA. He is an Associate Member; The Chartered Institute of Shipping (ACIS), Nigeria.
He attended so many courses home and abroad but, not limited to the following: Finacle package Administrator, Infosys Technologies, Bangalore, INDIA, Customer Service Management training, e-Banking, Unix Administration, Electronic payment Operations, and Visa First course, Visa Business School, CEMEA Region.
He had many years of progressive Banking, Information Technology and lecturing ex-periences in different industries and college circles. To mention a few.

He is also the Coordinator of Fertileland Private Schools and Educational Services Limited in Ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria.
He wrote and authored two different books to the glory of God and for the salvation of souls entitled, “Jesus The Only True Way” and “Daily Meeting With Jesus”; other books are still in progress by God’s grace.
He is widely travelled and happily married to Evangelist Helen Ogodinwa Nwawolo and blessed with adoring children.