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Trendy Preachers Wives

Style, Fashion and the Gospel of Hallelujah

They are married to reputable, and popular renowned pastors, “Men of God” in Nigeria, they have so much influence on multitude of their believers due to their leadership roles as well as their glamour, panache and charming fashion show on the church and the society.
The church has now been visibly turned into a catwalk fashion parade liking to Paris, in France, and America.
The Gospel of Salvation and repentance has been overruled by prosperity, miracles and donations to build big and fantastic edifices, schools, which members as a result of high school fees and boarding levies cannot attend. Most of this pastors wives are blessed with an impressive silhouette, well trained, some are lawyers, educationists and Authors of books.
Their style is vibrant and fresh, they are lovers of classy fashion items, that favours clothes that celebrates glamorous lifestyles. At home they are adorn Nigerian attires frequently with choice fabrics sewn into sophisticated styles.
Undoubtedly, they are the most elegant female motivational speakers and philanthropic power house. Loved by many of their disciples and followers for their simple and humble disposition which is also reflected in their dressing. They spend huge cash on fashion, jewelries, shoes and exotic cars. They exhibit distinct fashion style and sense which doesn’t go unnoticed in a gathering. Their choice of makeup is always well-styled and designed.
The preachers’ wives possess a warm personality and they deliver brilliant sermons, no doubt these qualities endeared the hearts of millions of people that listen to them at conferences, seminars, radio and television presentation around the world.

Fondly, they are called stylish pastors wives, best dressed, lovers of bright clothes and accessories. Most of them have eyes for pricey fashion items. These pastors wives have choice demand for expensive Diamonds and Gold jewelries to attract the public.
Some of them are light skinned and pretty with beautiful hearts to match which is unparallel in numerous eye-catching colours to fit classy outfits, during any service. They are the cynosure of all eyes, on account of their looks and spirit filled messages.
Though, they organise annual conferences, with faith-based meant for profit intention but to inspire and encourage millions of women in Nigeria including youths. They are clearly not a novice in the department of style, range of clothes and accessories. Hence, they love unique hairstyles with graceful aura. More so, they are fondly called mummy and their husbands daddy in the church, prolific in preaching of the Gospel and authors of Christian books and literature. Spiritually they are well knowledgeable with a passion for exemplary style worthy of emulation, you can’t ignore a look at their well tailored jackets and suits.

Wives of the pastors most times serve along with their husbands, creating a ministry for themselves within the church which provides education and health care to the underprivileged in Nigeria and Africa in general. Their ministry transcends gender barriers, mentors, coaches and the speak at conferences abroad. Their supple skin glows and their sense of fashion is also impeccable, perhaps owing to their swell figure which ensures the clothes they wear sit well on their frame. They wear mostly western apparels with so much jewelries.
You don’t have to be beauty guru to have eyes for their sculpted shades and eye shadows. They choose the right texture and brand which seem incredibly and intimidating. They are clad in beautiful gowns, skirts or trouser suits irrespective of modest choices. Exuding an aura that endears people to their attention.
One of the most important aspects of these pastors wives is that they possess charming beauty and most of them are gospel musicians. They are loved for their charisma, owning music bands and choir groups, leading house fellowship members with a unique style of administration.
Although, they are involved in their husband ministries, they also run NGOs most of them had celebrated weddings attracted by presence of crème de la crème of the society as well as many pastors.
The pastors wives on outfits are always gorgeous with Ankara prints and local designs while also appearing in flawless western wears.
No doubt, they are the gladiators of the fashion industry using the church as a cover to preach the gospel of Hallelujah.
They are the ultimate women in their churches supported by their wealthy husband pastors.