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Ihsan Muhammad Habibullah

Ihsan Muhammad Habibullah

I can’t jeopardise my dream for a bank job

Kwara State born, Ihsan Muhammad Habibullah is a modest and amiable wife of Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Habibullah, she is a graduate of accounting from the reputable Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State.
2013 precisely in a bid for career fulfillment with the consent of her loving husband, she enrolled into a fashion school and graduated with flying colours, she is now the proud owner, CEO/Creative Director of her own clothing line Ihsab Couture, in this interview with Oludaniels
she tells us how she encourage young girls into vocational training that could help them build their future.

How was growing up?
It was fun, I was born and brought up in Kano State.
Educational background?

I graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 2009?
Course of study?
I studied Accounting.

If you have a job placement in a bank, will you drop your career and opt for it?
Never! I can’t jeopardise my fashion dreams to any other dreams because fashion designing is all I have dreamt of.
What is the correlation between studying accounting and becoming a Cloth maker?
My journey into cloth making business is a passion that I have been nurturing since I was a child, back then I use to make dresses for my dolls and while in secondary school I did a bit of home economics that has to do with dress making. So when I got married in 2010, as a Muslim woman and as a cleric wife it’s not advisable for me to be involve in works that could jeopardise my marriage, so I remembered my love and passion for cloth making and my supportive husband, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Habibullah got me enrolled in 2013, Alhamdulillah I graduated early 2015 since then no looking back.
When did you get your first sewing machine?

I got my first sewing machine in 2011, then I use it in mending torn clothes.
Where do you want Ihsab Couture to be in the nearest future?
Hoping to be bigger and well know globally INSHA ALLAH.
What is your take on cloth making?
Apart from been a lucrative business, it is a vocation that every woman should at least have little knowledge of for the home.
How many apprentice have you groomed?

A couple of them, six precisely.
Do you have people currently working in your fashion outfit?
Currently, I have some girls working for me on salary basis.
Waoo! That means you are an employer of labour.
How long have you been in this profession?
Quite over five years now.
Where do you get your creative ideas from?
From art and nature.
What is your advice to young school girls on cloth making?
I am always in a position of advising female children to take this line of vocational training serious because they could earn a living from it.
Thanks for your time and do have a great day.