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Who is a Rugged Christian?

“The presence of God is the highest place you can celebrate.”

Pastor Chuddy Nwamelaku, the Founder and General Overseer of Rockside Gospel Church, a.k.a. tabernacle of The Holy Spirit…teaches Ruggedness in Christianity. Creekvibes analytical team reports.

Rugged means something that is durable; strong; tough and powerful. Some Christian are just Christian by name, if you shake them they deny their fate, their Christianity is not durable.

Rugged means strong, meaning it cannot be destroyed easily, some Christians are rugged, when they know they have belief with strong fate. Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego  said, “If we perish let us perish, we will not bow to your idol,” they ordered the fire to be increased 7X to the extent that the rave from the furnace killed those that were sent to increase the fire, yet these guys were not scared they were rugged Christians, they were bundles and thrown into the furnace of fire  while the king and his associate were watching to see how the fire will devoured them instead of the fire to devoured them the fire was busy making their skin blossom, instead of them to be roasted they were decorated and the king screamed “Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego so your God can also deliver in the midst of fire. I see a 4th man in the fire, were there not three men that were casted into the fire, why am I seeing 4 men?”

Do you know that while they were busy planning to throw these guys into the fire God was busy watching whether they will deny their faith but when God saw that they stood their ground, God himself stepped into the fire and turned the fire into air conditioner.

Remember the bible called him ‘The consuming fire’ God is fire himself, He said, “When you go through water I will be with you; when you go through fire I will be with you.”  

Child of God! I don’t know the kind of fire your enemies have thrown you into, I don’t know the kind of trouble that your enemies have thrown you into, hear me, the 4th man will appear in that fire before you. Believe me there is fire, devil can ignite fire to destroy the children of God but, don’t be afraid, as the enemy ignite their fire God will humiliate their wisdom.

A rugged Christian is unyielding and unbending. When God see that you have refused to bend or yield, he will show up for you. I pray for you, my God will show up for you in Jesus name.

Characteristics of a Rugged Christian

1. Strong faith: A rugged Christian must possess a strong faith, no going back on his/her faith.

2. Strong in prayers: He does not joke with prayers, he or she prays effectively.

3. Strong in kingdom service: A rugged Christian is a Christian that commits himself to the service of God.

4. Strong in Praise: He must have a robust praise life, a rugged Christian is a Christian Soldier who is strong and tough when it comes to praising God.

Rugged Christians are Christian Soldiers. Remember Christians live a regimented lifestyle that is anchored on codes, Military lives a regimented lifestyle, every soldier live a regimented lifestyle, as a Christian Soldier you must operate under military rules.

In the Army they have 7 codes of the military:

1. Loyalty: A rugged Christian must be loyal.

2. Duty: A rugged Christian must have a duty post.

3. Respect: A rugged Christian must respect his superior in the hierarchy.

4. Selfless Service: A rugged Christian must serve selflessly

5. Honour: A rugged Christian must have honour for God and man

6. Integrity: A rugged Christian’s ‘yes’ must be ‘yes’ and ‘no’ must be ‘no’

7. Personal Courage: A rugged Christian must serve with courage.