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2020 Buzopat charity ball community outreach for the widows; orphans;  aged; physically challenged and the disadvantaged youths in UMUNJIOKWU, Egbema Ozubulu, Ekwusigo LGA,  Anambra State was glorious yesterday,  it was awesome, incredible, undisputedly peaceful and graceful,  where do I start to express my joy and gratitude to God, I think this write up is better done by another person, 

I love to give not because I have contrary to understanding of some people but if you had seen the joy in the lives of these women yesterday the dance, screaming, appreciation, and the indescribable feeling, you will want to continue giving till you die. 

When the boy that received the wheelchair was rolling out, Jesus… my tear dot broke, I couldn’t control it rolling down, for blessing that boy in his condition I am fulfilled, his joy made him choke and tears rolled freely from people. 

The lady that got the sewing machine, her tears and story was sad but her joy was renewed and her future became bright, Jesus did it for her, she said that someone should wake her up from dream but I told her, this sewing machine is your reality.

The young man that got the crutches oh my God, if baskets should carry blessings, we will have 20 Ghana must go of it, 

The elders in the community got their special gifts and were ecstatic,  I am still grateful they all came out despite their age and condition,  their show of love will indelible in my heart.

The children that got their school fees were so happy,  they also received exercise books for school and some other gifts .

Zucee Zagam were still on hand and he made the women danced all through,  Black child brought in Ghanaian style and the women rocked non stop,  A line had fun with the microphone and all was beautiful 

The children that did dance competition were fantastic and they got a lot of gifts.

Books and novels were given out to the youths,  

We had more than 5000 clothes of different types, from lace to judge to abada, Ankara, gowns, both Male and female, children clothes, new born babies,  youths, shoes and school bags of different types. 

The mother general, Rev. Sis Mary Regis Osigwe from Mbano did us noble with her presence, her value cannot be quantified.  Curtent Miss MOTIVATIONAL NIGERIA was at her best too

Baba beef gala and the rest were not in short supply. 

It was really a wonderful and beautiful outing and the blessings of God flowed freely.

The UMUNJIOKWU community gave AMB.BUZOPAT the name “OPUTA OBULU UZO 1 on top the original “ADADIORAMMA of Ozubulu by Ughuzi community. 

FIO you are a support system, Amb Fabian Mbaso and everyone that came out en masse,  am so grateful, 

To all my friends, family and fans who brought out things from their hearts to support this community outreach, may Gods goodness and mercies follow you all, All glory and honour to God Almighty for everything. 

By Amb. BuzorPat