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Hint on Wigs, Weavon and attachments

By Oludaniels

Crave for Weavon, wigs and hair attachments in Nigeria is on the increase, in every household there are need for attachments, wig or weavon.
The 100 per cent human hair have different types of quality from different companies. Types of Brazilian hair:
(a) Pure Gold, which lasts very well,
(b) Double Drawn, Super double Drawn,
(c) Single Drawn, this is the cheapest.
These are good products which last long but the Super double Drawn is the best.
We also have Jerry curls, Deep curls, Kinky curls; all these are under water-waves.
What are water-waves?

Water-waves are 100 per cent human hair/weavon, that you could use use water to wet in order to bring out the sparkling beauty of theweavon. There are also some couple of creams you can apply to make weavon sparkle.
Annabery is a trusted Chinese hair manufacturing company, their hair doesn’t pull, it doesn’t tangle; the closure and frontier is perfect.
Queenslad is alsoa fantastic quality hair manufacturer including Fairlady all in China. Indians are not good in business but concerning hair production, sales the Chinese are better.
Chinese goes extra mile to satisfy his or her customer
Chinese produce wigs in large quantity for prospective buyers they also patronize their product, they wear wig a lot
Wig is better because when you fix, or make direct hair, in the night when you want to sleep, you will wear net. In the morning, you will need to brush your hair in front of the mirror. In that process the hair might start pulling off. But when you put it on cap, which is wig, it’s a matter of pulling off the cap put it on the rack and have a sweet sleep and when morning comes, all you need do is wear it again and off you go for your daily activities.