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‘My Chieftaincy honour has nothing to do with politics’

Chief (Sir) Bimbo Aboye Paradise

Born over forty years ago in Bolou-Angiama community under Patani Local Government area of Delta State, Chief (Sir) Aboye Paradise Bimbo Louis attended Opukabu Primary School and proceeded to Opurosa Grammar School both in Patani LGA, for further studies. He was admitted into the University of Calabar, Cross River State, where he obtained B.A. Hons in Applied Economics. Sir Aboye Paradise in his quest to build a paradise for himself and his people did not stop, he obtained a Bachelor degree in Political Science from Delta State University, Abraka, in Delta State, he attended NPA Technical Training School, Apapa, Lagos and also did a programme at Maritime Academy of Nigeria, (MAN) in Oron.
He is a Knight of Saint John International Catholic Church. Sir Bimbo, was one time governor of Seafarers, Tin Can Island, Lagos, as a merchant Navy, Milad of Tin Can Island, 2003 to 2005.
He had a brief stay at the Maritime Industry where he worked with Orion Marine, NPA, Tired Waters before moving into the main stream of hospitality business, he is currently a General Manager of four hotels in Asaba, one of which is Kim Royal Hotel and Suite, Asaba with 58 rooms, hall capacity of 350 Seaters, a pool side that can take 500 people for an outdoor event, a training room that can accommodate 50 persons, another hall that can take 70 to 100 persons base on the sitting arrangements.
Chief (Sir) Bimbo Aboye Paradise was on hot-seat to answer few questions from Creekvbibes Oludaniels who was in Patani, Delta State recently.

Can you brief on the chieftaincy title that you are about to be conferred with?
As we speak, I am still surprised that I could be considered worthy to be conferred with a chieftaincy title, when His Royal Majesty Jackson Pobierowie Angalabiri the Ebeninaowei of Kumbo Kingdom invited me to his palace and I said, ‘I want you to be one of the chiefs in my cabinet.’
Just like that, without you soliciting for it?
Can you let us into your political ambition?
I am running for Patani Local Government Chairman in the forth coming local government election.
Have you been given a mandate of Councillorship in the past?
No, I have not but there is no harm in trial, I’m aiming at the chairmanship position.
What are your chances… is there any political god father backing your ambition?
God is the ultimate god father and with Him all things are possible.
Under which platform?
What is your agenda?
God willing, I’ll run a three point agenda
1, Security
2, Human capacity Development
3, Create an environment for hospitality.
How many lives have you touched positively in the last 3 years?
The people of Patani know me and know what I can do. Anywhere I am, I always bring my people close, in my present place of work I’ve engaged five Patani indigenes.
The best way of touching people’s life is by Human capacity development, all the Ijaw people that have come across me have something positive to say about me, people of Patani can testify to it, whenever they are stranded in Asaba, where I manage some hospitality outfits, I always shelter them and also assist them financially to get to their destination.
As at then, I’ve got no political ambition.
When you become LG chairman how will you handle youth unrest?
The idle mind is the devil’s workshop; a hungry man is an angry man. What causes unrest?
I could remember in 2009, when I submitted a proposal to the council, (Patani LG) and solicited for at least 10 youths to be given scholarship to Regional Maritime University, Nungoa, Ghana, in greater Accra region, the proposal was looked into so, I explained the advantages of those short courses and how it will benefit our youths but the council turned it down.
Hon. Tonye biu Ayege was the only person that keyed into it, he agreed to sponsor three persons from his ward with his hard earn, he actually did and they came out successfully.
Check other places, young people travel to different locations around the world and once it is Christmas they come back to celebrate with their family, that is another area I will want to encourage our youths to dive into, not everybody remaining in Patani doing nothing, when we get there we shall cross that bridge.
Have you had any embarrassing moment?
There are embarrassing moment every other day, in my hospitality business we come across all manners of people that we must be friendly with, at times some customers will come and start shouting, “I want to see the manager.” And the next thing is to slap the manager.
Have you been slapped… in the course of discharging your duties?
Yes! And nothing happened, they are my customers.
Any message to Patani people?
In a couple of month the primaries will be here and I’m running not to show off but, to make a difference, I want to prove to my people that Patani can be better; I want them to know that united we stand, you can’t be up the ladder and looked down on people below… if the ladder is taken off what will be your lot?
Behind every successful man there is an understanding and supporting wife; can we know her?
My wife, Lady (Mrs.) Rachael Edoneyifagha Aboye-Paradise, she has been a friend; sister; mother and wife, we’ve been married for a decade but we have known each other for 2 decades, she has been a great pillar of support.
What is your best local dish?
Is either Kekefiayi and starch (Osin) or Pulu fiayi, (laughs) I am a typical Ijaw man.
Thanks for your time do have a great day.