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A-LINE…in the order of Blackface

•A-Line at Buzopat Books Launch with Miss Princess Nwagwu, the reigning Miss Motivational Nigeria Brain Pageant a pageantry initiated by Amb. Buzopat to encourage young girl

…wants collaboration with Davido, Tu Face Idibia

Well manner Austin Amber whose music beats is in the order of BlackFace, is the only surviving child of his parents, unfortunately for Mr and Mrs Amber who are indigenes of  Kagoro, Kaura Local Government Area of  Kaduna State, Northern part of Nigeria had, earlier had 4 children, which none of them survive the surge of staying alive.

Austin Amber a.k.a. A-Line attended Government Primary School and Government Secondary School (GSS) in Kagoro, but could not proceed to higher institute due to the demise of his godfather figure who assured him of getting him admitted into The University of Abuja.

A-Line is an upcoming artist with an awesome yet melodies voice which will catch your fancy anywhere,

He discovered the bond in music which builds bridges across unknown expanses and he relocated to Lagos in 2011, towards the end of that year he shot his first video at Lekki.

Professionally, his music career span across Twelve years, while growing up within ECWA, he learnt how to drum without being thought, due to his ardent passion for music, several churches within Abuja and its environ have benefited from his drum benevolence and showered him accolades including an award.

He drums and handles the Keyboard perfectly, he did his first music promotion in Abuja, Raypower, Wazobia FM and Cool FM aired it. He has a lot of songs in his porch.

A-line and his manager, Mr Ojay are working assiduously to roll out a hit single any time soon and an album will follow on the heels to blare your speakers.

Austin Amber, the Kaduna State extraction tackled ten questions from Creekvibes Oludaniels, he confided marriage is not yet on his radar.


Have you experienced situations where you feel you were treated as a lesser artist simply because you are an upcoming artist?

Multiple times, when your songs are not known people tends to doubt your ability.

Who imbued your music spirit?

As a growing child, I listened to a lot of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s songs, but I wouldn’t say he inspired me.

What are the 5 things you can’t do without?

A.       Music

B.       I appreciate doing the listening anywhere I found myself

C.       I enjoy having quite time to think and get Ideas of what to do

D.       I enjoy being in the studio; compose songs

E.       I love to hear from people that I care about.

If I check your phone, which 5 artist songs will I see on your recent played list?

A. Tu Face


C. Jay-Zee

D. Davido

E. Tiwa Salvage

Which Nigerian artist will you want to have a collaboration with?

Tu Face or Davido

Where will you be in 5 years?

The world will know who A-Line is by God’s grace

What was the most terrible situation that you have ever found yourself?

Back in Abuja, a neighbor of mine (a lady) beckoned on me to help her to change switch, actually there was light but she got no light in her apartment, so I went, while I was trying to change over a wire pulled off and fell on another and fire erupted, the sparks was almost getting to the electric poll, that people scuttled for safety, my mother scolded me asking me ‘who told you to go there,’ even my friends were angry with me, (laughs), it was really crazy.

What would be your number one piece of advice to guys who just started the rhymes, making beats or spinning records in their bedrooms?

It is not really easy, but it will be easy for them, if they’ve made up their minds, ‘This is what they want to do.’ They will be able to weather the storm, by God’s grace and support they will make it through.

If not for music what else would you have done?

I use to be a good goal keeper, I would have been a footballer but, for now I don’t go to the pitch anymore my music career has taken over my time.

What do you think stake holders and government should do to encourage music artists?

Government should channel a bit of attention to the entertainment industry to make it favourable for upcoming artists and the known ones, if the famed ones are still struggling, what is the lot of  upcoming artist?

Government should encourage us, God will help them to achieve their aims.