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Sammysingz: Posses to Walk to Stardom Without Dad’s Aid

Ugbebor Samson

24-year-old Ugbebor Elijah Samson a.k.a SAMMYSINGZ, is an up-coming actor, an extraction of Ika, LGA in Delta State, a gospel minister born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ugbebor, has perfected the act of skit making and now plunges into the mainstream of acting in movies, he has featured in 4 movies, Sodom is inclusive.
A graduate of Mass Communication, from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

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His skits: ‘Jobless Boys,’ episode 1&2 and a couple of others rocks YouTube.
Sammysingz started exhibiting his dexterity as a church drummer at age 13, at 20 he met Kingdom Bassy, a song bird, who took him out of his worship centre and they both went on song ministrations.
He learnt a lot from his new boss on communicating with God through music, he is a member of the Gospel Kingdom Crew (GKC).

He is a script writer who love God’s presence, he dreamt of being the first man to build an estate for the poor and the needy with full health care services; schools and business outfits for sustainability.
It may surprise you to discover that Sammysingz and his siblings grew up in Lagos without the assistance of their father. His father, Mr Ugbebor allegedly got drunk on one fateful night and said a lot of unprintable words to his mother, at dawn he repeated same nasty words, at that point it was obvious he did not act under the influence of alcohol.

He had fisticuffs with his wife and left home, after a long while he visited and left again, until he scarcely visits.
After graduation Sammysingz got a job at an insurance company and does drama ministration through churches, little did he know that God has a different calling for him, while sojourning on his drama ministration his god mother, Miss Omodiale told him to come over to the mainstream, which he had never wanted to, he kept foot-dragging.

He eventually lost his job with the insurance company and became redundant close to 6 months, his god mother kept cajoling him to step up his game unto mainstream until he yielded.
Miss Omodiale, who is no novice when it comes to the nitty gritty of acting and film production took him to a film production outfit and alas he featured in ‘Value of the Rosary,’ when he later saw the movie he said to himself ‘I can do better’ and the hunger for it began.
It’s amazing that Kenneth Okonkwo, Zubby Michael are his role models.

Sammysingz went back memory lane when his mother was a food vendor within Pleasure area in Lagos, where they resides, a business she did close to 2 and half decades, as a growing lad he recount how he head-lift the already cooked food trudges from Pleasure to Kotangora on daily basis before heading to St. Stephen Nursery and Primary School, they later relocated, and he graduated to Ijaiye Ojokoro Junior Secondary School, he was a bit heady due to street life, his father later transferred him to Joke International Group of Schools where he was a Principal while he still does lectures for other tertiary institutions within and outside Lagos.

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He finished his secondary school education at Utopia Comprehensive College, while in the high school he has been supportive to his family and his education from the little cash realized from his casual jobs, after his secondary education it wasn’t difficult for him to fix himself in the labour market.
Sammysingz as a growing child never set out to be a minstrel; he was good in fixing things around the home with a mind set of becoming an engineer but that dream was fizzled away when it was dawned on him that his mother who has always be the one running back and forth to ensure they get good education won’t be able to finance his education to become and engineer, on his own volition he switched to art class to pursue low fee courses.

Ugbebor Elijah Samson is the CEO of Sammy Fashion & Gadget Store (SFGS), Ikoyi, Lagos.

He is set to prove to his father he can actually do without him, he is of the opinion; One with God is majority.

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