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I DEY CRAZE! Once I Mount Stage Guest Starts Laughing –Mr Ibu

By Oluwadamilare Daniels

John Okafor, a grandfather popularly known as Mr Ibu is one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters. His humorous acting is often characterized by hilarious realities.
He has featured in more than 200 movies, ‘Police Recruit,’ ‘9 Wives,’ ‘Ibu in Prison,’ ‘Keziah’ and many others. He rose to prominence after starring as Ibu in ‘Mr Ibu’ and ‘Mr Ibu in London’ in 2004. It is generally accepted that he is the father of skits with his hilarious edited videos which serves as comic reliefs for many before the emergence of other skit makers.
In this interview he talked about Nigerian politician and send Words to his fans.
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As a comedian who can make you laugh?
Comedy is my profession, so to make me laugh, you must be extremely funnier, you must really be a game changer when it comes to comedy.
Since you got married, what has marriage taught you as a comedian?
It is not a story I can say, but it is all about happiness. When you have a woman of your choice, with God almighty on your side you can go ahead and make babies after that every other thing is normal, put your business in shape, all you need to do is ensure everyone in the family is fine.
What is your best sport?
I am a Martial Artist, I got up to black belt but, I like football very well.
Do you still practice Martial Art, Karate?
Now? Wetin dey worry you ‘nowww’? How will I start practicing Karate now?
General laugher…

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But it is a sport.
All I can tell you now, is that when I was young I did it very well.
What’s the most memorable moment in your career so far?
I have got moments, being a comedian is very interesting, it makes me flexible with all the glamours attached to it.
Has anything embarrassing ever happened on stage, like you cracking jokes and guests weren’t laughing?
Laughs…Once I mount stage, without saying a word guests would have started laughing, I don’t know why, maybe because of the odd part of my face that I could not help.
Have you ever been a best man at a wedding?
I dey craze? I be best? All I do at parties is MC, laugh.

It was rumored that you were dead sometimes ago, how did you feel when you heard it?
I have heard that several times, I’ve been dying since.
And you will not die.
I dey craze?
How best can you describe politicians in Nigeria?
The issue is that, whether we like it or not, Nigerian politicians has a lot of current ideas. I’m happy they are trying, what I just don’t like about them it the killing. If a politician can use any tactics to win without bloodletting, then it’s fine.
Are you working on anything that could make your fans laugh scatter?
Laughs, I know, scatter I don’t know, it depends on the kind of laugh you mean, if you are an idiot, you can laugh and scatter.
My comedy will always go a long way to make you laugh.
Are you currently working on anything now?
As far as I am alive, I will keep working; preparing and arranging, so help me God.