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Victoria Folashade Oduola: I See Negative Comments As Side Attractions

One of Nigeria’s busty up-coming actress; event planner and a comedian, Victoria Folashade Oduola, 35 who goes by the name VCaris is an indigene of Oyo State, Egbeda LGA to be precise in South West Nigeria, though given birth to in Freetown, Sierra Leone but that has not deterred her from getting to her roots in Oyo State.

The eloquent good looking single mother had not hidden her talent for the microphone as she had rolled out a 6-track music album titled: Perfect Peace which is currently making waves. Her giant stride into the Nigerian Movie Industry since 2007 had earned her several clips in over thirty movies as a producer; script writer; an actress. She acted in Drug abuse, A Midst and Down On Me, Family Solution (T.v series), Abortion, The five virgins, Tiles of Life, SODOM, Mermaid, Striker and many others.

Oluwadamilare Daniels of Creekvibes News Magazine in this interview brought to your reading pleasure her sojourn including how some people pushed VCaris to body shame due to her busty endowment.

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How was growing up like in Sierra Leone, did mum and dad meet there?
They were traders that were both on trading trips, they met, consummated their marriage and gave birth to us there?

How many of you?
Six children

Are your siblings in Sierra Leone, and when did you return home?

I came back 2015, my siblings are here, but we often visit.

Where were you in Sierra Leone?
No 1, Fourah Bay Road, Scotland Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

What trade were your parents engaged in?
Dad was into tyres he was popular known as Oga and mum was running a restaurant

You speak eloquently, schooling in Sierra Leone and Nigeria, can I know this background?
I attended St. Theresa Nursery School and graduated to J.T. Ref Private Primary school, and moved on to Samford Dennis High School, Morovia, Liberia, back in Nigeria I successfully finished a Diploma programe in Law at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), in Ogun State.

As a producer how many films have you produced?
On my comedy skits, have done 7 episodes.

How many known faces have you acted alongside with?
Tessy Ijeh, Festus and a couple of others I can’t remember their names now.

How did you feel acting side by side with this known faces?
The experience was awesome because they’ve been there before me, so I learnt certain things from them.


As a growing child what was your ambition?
I actually dreamt of being a doctor or a nurse to care for people, before I discovered my embedded music and acting talents.
I recently launched my music album ‘Perfect Peace’.
Who is your role model?
Omotola Jalade Ekehinde
As a young promising actress and entertainer who is the lucky man and when will the wedding bell tolls?
For now, I’m a single mother but not desperate for another relationship.
Can you share with us, what happened?
Hmmm, how do I put it? Well he betrayed my trust, he got married to a woman from his locality and came begging after a year, so I asked him in clear terms what he wants me for, a second wife, or mistress?
For the fact that he de-flowered me does not make me a fool, I sacrificed a lot for him while we were on campus.
Have you had embarrassing moments?
Yeah, I’m busty so many at times while walking down the street men approaching me in an uncontrollable manner trying to touch my boobs some will even touch it forcefully, I can recall on one occasion where a mad man was walking on my heels trying to grab me from behind.
Was he dressed tattered?
Yes he was.

Does anyone comment on your endowment nature while on set?
They do, sometimes in an abusive form, but that is what kept me going, I see them as side attractions to make me throb further in my career
Sometimes guys in group will just undress me with their eyes, within me, I will be like, Wao!.

Where you bent out of shape?
Not really, I’ll stylishly walk as fast as I can to avoid creating a scene.

In another 5 years where will VCaris be?
I see myself in limelight, oh yeah!

What will you want Nigerians to know about you?
I should be known as a good mother not only as an actress, a caring type who is always willing and ready to help the less privileged, I also intend to establish a home that will cater for people’s need soonest.

Most memorable experience as a growing child?
Many at times while I watch mum cook in the kitchen, I do assist but with the intent of hiding some ingredient which could form part of my cooking later.
I also discovered associating with fellow girls end up in physical combats, gossips and bad-mouthing so, I switched my tent to the opposite side which turned out to be fine.

As an actress are you very good in the kitchen, what are your favourites foods; cocktail?
Yes I do, my favourite foods are (intercontinental) Fried Rice, and Jollof (home) Amala and Abula, cocktail is Mimosa.

Any message to your staunch fans?
Well, I appreciate them all for believing in me, commenting on my videos and sharing them, I want them to know that I won’t let them down as I shall brace up against all odds to give them the best of me.