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VIDEO: Queen Wokoma went back memory lane with Kwara Queens

By Oludaniels

Queen Wokoma, Nigeria Nollywood actress who is arguable one of the most sought after actress, happily married with kids, she did a flash back while she was in the high school.

According to her Instagram page, she was a very good footballer that her football team never lost a match, but they had only lost once to Kwara Queens.

The actress who is a look alike of Ini Edo, also said, her father had never wanted her to play football and he never supported her acting career because he had a misconception that Entertainers are wayward.

Read herpost below:

Back in Secondary School , I played Football😁⚽️(travelled and played inter state too).
My cousin @theodoraadokiye and I were wingers. We never lost a Match (maybe once 🙊… with Kwara Queens).
But my Pops Wasn’t okay with it.

He said I was gradually having the physique of a man and that I was also losing focus in school so I had to quit football🥲. A decision I still regret taking but what can a Teenager do?🥲He didn’t support my movie career either but supported me through everything else in Life❤️. (Papa said Entertainers are wayward🥴 and he wanted me to study Law (that was my dream too. Sadly, Unilag Killed that with Tribalism). I also remember sneaking out of school to shoot movies in Asaba lol😅
Whenever people say ‘Women’s Football,’ I want to correct them to say ‘Football.’ Every girl has had their sport diminished because they’re girls.
DEAR PARENTS/POTENTIAL PARENTS, I’m sure we can do better❤️😊.
Happy Weekend😊